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We know companies are always on the lookout for smarter, greener and more cost-effective ways of training their staff. Our diversity e-learning packages offer the means to develop skills with unbeatable flexibility and value for money. Each stand-alone module will be designed to reflect your own visual identity, with company logos and corporate colours.

We develop introductory and advanced e-learning on equality, diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Work with us to train your staff through compliance-level equality and diversity elearning, covering the fundamentals of UK diversity legislation and the Equality Act 2010.

We offer a variety of online diversity training modules, including our popular Introduction to Unconscious Bias, aimed at all your employees and senior management teams. If you are looking for bespoke content tailor-made to your organisation or ‘out of box’ modules you can dive into straight away, we cover all the bases.

We also create actor based scenarios bespoke to your online diversity module for leading-edge content. These thought-provoking short films help to boost learning engagement and course impact.

"EW Group offer products which are great quality and good value."Elaine Bailey, Managing Director at Serco

For All Staff

Introduction to Unconscious Bias

Our Introduction to Unconscious Bias is the perfect introduction to the theory and practical tools to behaving inclusively. Our online training isn’t just limited to unconscious bias as a concept or a science. It looks also at the everyday context and realities of bias: where it comes from, how it affects us all and what practical actions you can take towards best practice.

Featuring guidance, interactive exercises, practical tools and techniques and innovative acted scenario videos, this is the only online solution you need to train your staff on unconscious bias simply and effectively.


What’s Covered:

  • The theory and reality of unconscious bias
  • Types of unconscious bias: key definitions
  • Unconscious bias in recruitment and selection
  • Unconscious bias interviews
  • Unconscious bias in performance management
  • Unconscious bias in talent management
  • The impact of unconscious bias: on talent attraction and retention, employee engagement and on company reputation


Course Outcomes:

  • Describe different types of unconscious bias, both from an individual and an organisational perspective
  • Understand how various sources of influence can prompt biased behaviour
  • Identify and articulate how unconscious bias can impact on decision-making at a number of stages of the employee journey
  • Understand the concept of ‘in- and out-groups’ and how this affects team culture and performance
  • Describe how the notion of trust can affect your people preferences, and how to practically overcome this.



The course should take around 30-40 minutes to complete. You can finish the course all in one go, or come and go as you please: your progress will be saved for next time you log in.


Fantastic Value:

£20 (+ VAT) per person for 3 months’ access.

We can take payment online by credit/debit card or via PayPal. For multiple orders (for staff teams or business units, for example). please contact us.

All intellectual property rights in all materials, documents, products, course content, bespoke source code and other deliverables which form part of the service deliverables shall remain with the EW Group or its licensors. For more details, please visit our Terms and Privacy page.

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Unconscious Bias Training UK
"The EW Group provided a first class service to the trust. Feedback from course participants for their delivery of unconscious bias training to trust managers was overwhelmingly positive. In fact, I’ve never seen such positive feedback for an equality and diversity-related course before."Swarnjit Singh, Board Secretary at Hounslow and Richmond Community Healthcare NHS Trust
Unconscious Bias for Managers Elearning

For Managers

Unconscious Bias for Managers

Our Unconscious Bias for Managers online training is an extension of our all-staff course. This e-learning for managers will guide your learners through a series of performance management and decision-making moments that are prone to bias. In practical terms this means building your managers’ individual awareness of unconscious bias and their understanding of its impact at work. We will also prime them with a series of practical tools, strategies and frameworks they can apply immediately to their management roles.

We believe for unconscious bias training to be effective it needs to be carefully tailored to your organisation. Our unconscious bias for managers training is an online solution but that doesn’t mean it cannot be bespoke to your business. Course length, where the module is hosted, and how your learners are assessed are all up to you.


Course Overview Example:

  • Definitions and key concepts for managers
  • Considering the legal context of unconscious bias
  • How unconscious bias affects your decision making and problem solving
  • How unconscious bias impacts your organisational culture
  • Managing cultural conflict at work
  • Skills, tools and techniques to overcome unconscious bias in talent management
  • Facilitated reflection
  • Strategic action planning to address unconscious bias
  • The psychology and science of unconscious bias, and the latest research on the subjec

Actor based scenarios created bespoke for your online unconscious bias module

Watch the video below for an example of our actor based scenarios on unconscious bias interviewing. How do you think the interview went?

Actor-based scenario context for leading edge online learning

We’re experts in experiential and actor-based elearning, guiding your staff through real life scenarios that will resonate with their day jobs. Our unconscious bias e-learning modules use a range of specially created video and audio content. Made bespoke to you, this content deepens staff understanding of the subtleties of diversity, inclusion and unconscious bias in the workplace.

Our bespoke online diversity training also includes the option to feature acted workplace scenarios in the form of videos. These thought-provoking short films drive the key themes and messages home, increasing learner engagement and course impact. We can either use existing filmed scenarios or create bespoke scripted content to make them more specific to your unique diversity challenges.


Options for Acted Scenarios:

Recruitment – Informal conversations at interview; finding affinities; inclusion vs. exclusion

Talent development – Meeting dynamics; accountability; cultural fit; body language

Getting the best from diverse teams – Flexible working; banter; bringing your whole self to work

Supporting and challenging each other – Cultural fit; peer support; compressed hours

Bespoke scenarios – 3 custom acted video scenarios (includes scripting, rehearsal and filming)

Change making not box ticking

We’re specialists in the field, working across all types of difference and not limited to protected characteristics. Cultivating cultural adaptability and awareness of unconscious bias underpins all of our e-learning courses.

Developing genuine awareness of how unconscious bias operates – and practical tools to overcome it – will allow your business to make the most of the diversity at its disposal. Our unconscious bias e-learning explores not only the science and theory of unconscious bias, but also what your employees can actually do about it day in, day out.

Interested in a bespoke unconscious bias training for your Managers?

Options: On-Demand to Bespoke

We’ll collaborate with you to design an online diversity module that really resonates with your target audiences. Course length, where the module is hosted, and how your learners are assessed are all up to you.

We can offer a variety of options for our unconscious bias e-learning, designed to suit your needs, objectives and budget.


  • Build a completely new course based on your specific requirements.
  • Define modules, learning checks and structure.
  • Script and record bespoke acted videos.


  • Use our existing course and tailor to your culture and business needs.
  • Edit content and branding.
  • Select from our existing pool of acted videos


  • Existing Introduction to Unconscious Bias course suitable for all staff.
  • Hosted on our platform or on your own LMS via SCORM.
  • Instant ‘pay as you go’ access option via our website.
EW Group are award-winning specialists in online diversity training. We won the Course of the Year Award from Nimble eLearning for our Unconscious Bias Programme for recruitment firm, Harvey Nash in 201.7
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