Anita Jakhu

Diversity & Inclusion Consultant and Researcher
UK & Europe Consultant
United Kingdom

Anita Jakhu is an experienced diversity consultant with over 25 years’ experience in the equity, diversity, and inclusion industry. She has worked across a range of sectors and professional fields.

Anita has worked strategically and operationally with local authorities, Metropolitan Police Service, Higher and Further Education, Media Companies, Civil Service, Crime and Disorder Partnerships, Safeguarding (Adults and Children), Carers organizations and a range of charities and voluntary groups.

She works at corporate and operational levels, with senior management teams, leaders, operational staff and volunteers.   Anita is well versed at designing and delivering training relating to a range of fields including EDI, Violence against Women and Girls, HR and recruitment, inclusive workplace environments, education and widening participation and representation.

Recently, she has delivered programs including; unconscious biasinclusive leadershipanti-racism, diversifying boards and leadership teams, inclusive recruitment, barriers to widening participation, cultural competence, improving workplace inclusion, and domestic violence and abuse.

As a qualified researcher, Anita also undertakes equality reviews, equality audits and equality impact assessments working closely with organizations to produce specific recommendations and identify actions to support them to achieve greater inclusion and belonging.

Anita prides herself on offering passionate, engaging, and meaningful training to empower participants to make and support change for the benefit of all. Underpinning all her work, Anita has continuously worked with and for marginalized communities and groups, amplifying their voices and ensuring minoritized communities are represented at all levels of decision making.

She is a school governor, and as the EDI lead, she chairs an EDI committee and sits on a statutory scrutiny board, holding the local authority, statutory bodies and local councilors to account for their decision making.

Anita Jakhu - Diversity & Inclusion Specialist