Cener Dogan

Management and Leadership Consultant
UK & Europe Consultant
United Kingdom

Cener specializes in inclusive leadership and team performance, with a particular focus on inclusive communication, constructive conversations and dialogue in teams, women in leadership, and in cross-cultural global (virtual) team management.

Cener’s range of experience spans from Diversity and Inclusion, Conflict, to Cognitive Diversity and Collaboration. Cener’s client portfolio includes BMW, Barclays Wealth, Celgene Corp., Crown Holdings, Deutsche Bank, Open Society Foundation, Oxford University Press, Premium Aerotec, Roche Diagnostics and UniCredit Bank. She co-designed and delivered cross-cultural awareness and skills training for middle and senior managers at leading corporate companies such as MAN Group, METRO Group and The Linde Group.

Cener has run inclusive leadership training and coaching for managers and senior leaders in multinational organizations across a broad range of industries in Europe. Her industry experience covers the automotive, manufacturing, pharmaceutical and finance and insurance fields, as well as business education, retail/wholesale, NGOs, and charities.

Cener Dogan Inclusive Leadership Specialist