Farah Chandani

Diversity & Inclusion Consultant
International Consultant
United Arab Emirates

Farah Chandani is an international development professional and an experienced diversity and inclusion specialist, with particular expertise in gender equality. With over 20 years’ experience, she helps businesses develop effective DEI training programs and interventions to create more inclusive cultures. Farah has worked with organizations in a wide range of sectors, from finance and investment to retail and manufacturing.

With an energetic style, Farah is an engaging facilitator with a talent for creating a safe space where staff feel able to share and discuss sensitive topics freely. She adapts her approach to the particular issues relevant to each organization and their region, to make her training deliveries as relevant and relatable as possible.

Farah also delivers in-depth diversity audits and policy reviews, helping organisations to implement inclusive policies and procedures throughout their own business, as well as their supply chains.

Farah holds a B.Sc. in psychology and an M.Sc. in science, rural planning and international development, and has also worked on financial inclusion and entrepreneurship development for women and youth for a number of years, and co-authored the Women Owned Businesses Report. She was born and raised in Kenya and educated in Canada, and has lived in several countries including Canada, China, Pakistan, Mauritius and the UAE.

Working on diversity and inclusion is a natural progression for me after working towards gender equality over the last 25 years. You just can’t talk about gender equality without discussing intersectionality – after all, we are all products of our age, ethnicity, religion, education, geography, etc.
Farah Chandani
Diversity & Inclusion Consultant at EW Group
Farah Chandani - Diversity Consultant