Keji Kamoju

Sales Executive
Head Office Consultant
United Kingdom

Before joining EW Group as a Sales Executive, Keji studied Spanish and Politics at University. Whilst studying, Keji was a member of her university department’s EDI committee and gained an early insight into the challenges and benefits of creating inclusive cultures.

From seeing non-inclusive behaviors in previous roles and her own lived experience, Keji is passionate about diversity and inclusion and working with organizations to help them become more inclusive.

As a woman who is Black and queer, intersectionality is extremely important to her, and she is actively involved with community organizations that focus on the intersection of multiple marginalized identities. Keji is also still involved with her university, and is currently working with them on a project exploring the nuanced experience of students of color when studying abroad.

In her free time, Keji enjoys learning new languages, travelling, reading and listening to music. She also enjoys attending panel discussions on various topics such as intersectionality, mental health and community organizing.

Keji Kamoju - EW Group Sales Executive