Mary Doyle

Diversity & Inclusion Consultant
UK & Europe Consultant
United Kingdom

Mary Doyle is an inclusion and accessibility specialist, with over 25 years’ experience working with global organizations. With a leadership background in software and services for the banking industry, Mary retrained into executive coaching and disability equality to support businesses in reflecting the diversity seen in society. Mary creates and delivers engaging, thought-provoking workshops on equity, diversity and inclusion. She has worked in a range of sectors with multinational corporations and charities and coached executives and members of marginalized communities.

As a wheelchair user, Mary has decades of lived experience to offer. Continuous learning, combined with a proven track record of working with leaders, Mary helps create inclusive teams and cultures which nurture collaboration, empathy and diversity.

Mary was named as one of the UK’s most influential Disabled people in 2018 and 2020, and featured as one of Britain’s 50 most remarkable women, in the Daily Mail. Mary’s life and work are dedicated to personal and organizational development to improve inclusion and understanding in society through genuine conversation, compassion and action.

Mary is an experienced executive coach, coaching leaders on how to take direct action to create more inclusive workplaces and customer experiences. She is also an inclusion specialist in accessible aviation and provides regular consultancy to airports and airlines, as well as being an active advocate for the Women In Aviation UK Chapter and supports multiple disability, humanitarian and feminist organizations.

Mary Doyle - EW Group Inclusion & Accessibility Specialist