Meghna Sharma

Diversity & Inclusion Consultant
International Consultant

Meghna Sharma is a Human Resources professional with 20 years of international experience, driving change and aligning business to HR strategies for organizational success.

Her experience working in countries like India, Canada, Switzerland and now in Malaysia, has given her valuable insight into diverse cultures. This has enabled her to cater Human Resources practices and initiatives that are geared towards Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

She has delivered and facilitated numerous workshops and coaching sessions to promote learning and development for increased efficiencies, and to build a culture and environment that is fair and equitable.

She is a key member of an NGO running a shelter as a safe space to protect and assist women who are exploited. She also facilitates sessions to enhance English skills and promote rights of Refugees.

Her personal values are around fairness and equity, and the work that she’s done either as an employee, consultant or a volunteer are to meet those values. Her work with the NGO’s is “to build a life of dignity and equity for women and underprivileged children.”

Meghna Sharma - EW Group Diversity Consultant