Neha Piatkowska

Head of Operations
Head Office Consultant

Neha Piatkowska is EW Group and Challenge Consultancy’s Head of Operations. She is focused on streamlining our internal processes and managing internal communications, ensuring our team feels valued and we are implementing the latest EDI best practice in our processes and procedures. With her role touching on all areas of our business, Neha is integral to ensuring our colleagues are supported and can deliver their best work for our clients.

Neha joined Challenge Consultancy in 2019 as a Delivery Manager. In this role, she worked closely with the project management team troubleshooting issues as they arose, ensuring projects were delivered on time and our clients received the best possible customer experience.

Prior to joining Challenge Consultancy, Neha worked in the market research industry and a web developer before joining her family’s international wholesale business.

With a drive to help reduce inequalities and equip people with the skills they need to challenge inappropriate behaviors in a constructive way, Neha believes the work we do is crucial to making the workplace a fairer, more inclusive place for all.

Neha Piatkowska - Head of Operations at EW-Group and Challenge Consultancy