Ng Phek Yen

Diversity & Inclusion Consultant
International Consultant

Ng Phek Yen is a trilingual (English, Chinese and Cantonese) Fortune 500 leadership coach, facilitator and trainer with extensive experience supporting organizations for more than 19 years in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Malaysia.

Ng is passionate about leadership development, diversity and inclusion and cultural transformation. She believes that inclusive leadership and embracing diversity are the top skills for leaders and organizations to drive innovation and achieve sustainable results.

Prior to her coaching career, Ng was the Finance Director and a Qualified Accountant for one of the largest telecoms operators in China. Her extensive management and leadership experience in Chinese State-Owned and multinational companies has provided her with a rich intercultural experience in understanding, growing, and leading diverse teams.

With her strong business and financial background, Phek Yen is sharp to unpack the complexities of financial data and link the data to the human behaviors of financial performance – making the intangible, tangible; linking culture (ways of working) to performance.

Ng Phek Yen EW Group Consultant