Olga Rawa-Siarkowska

Diversity & Inclusion Consultant
UK & Europe Consultant

Olga Rawa-Siarkowska is a Diversity and Inclusion Consultant, psychologist, business trainer and HR consultant, specializing in competency development to build lasting interpersonal relationships, cooperation and an inclusive organizational culture.

Olga designs and delivers engaging training sessions for clients on diversity and inclusion, creating an atmosphere of trust and openness that encourages participants to share their experiences and learn together.

She is passionate about overcoming prejudices and bias, and works collaboratively with organizations to develop practical approaches to building and sustaining inclusive cultures and wellbeing in the workplace.

Olga is also an active academic teacher. She conducts lectures for students at the University of Economics and Humanities in Warsaw and has been working with international students groups for several years. She also acts as a mentor for young women who want to return to the labor market after a period of inactivity.

Olga Rawa-Siarkowska - EW Group Diversity & Inclusion Consultant