Paul Skovron

Diversity & Inclusion Consultant
UK & Europe Consultant
United Kingdom

Paul Skovron is a specialist in equality, diversity and inclusion built around program management, leadership, strategic interventions, organizational transformation, business growth, employee and customer experience. He works with organizations supporting them to maximize their business outcomes and achieving greater profit through the employee experience. He helps to create an environment where employees are valued, empowered, and motivated, resulting in exceptional customer service.

Paul is dedicated to helping organizations strengthen their diversity by being more inclusive and enabling cultural adaptability. He works at all levels in an organization, able to engage with both employees and executives.

Paul Skovron Diversity Unconscious Bias Specialist
Diversity Unconscious Bias Specialist Paul Skovron

Paul is Vice Chair of LEAP Sports Scotland, an LGBT charity promoting equality in mainstream sports as well as participation in local/national sports. He also co-founded the professional networking group Out In Glasgow.