Rhianna Steadford

Sales Executive
EW Head Office Consultant
United Kingdom

As a Sociology graduate, with a particular interest in ideas of race and ethnicity, Rhianna was opened to the world of EDI when looking for ways to contribute to the dismantling of oppressive systems.

As a black woman, counter-racism is extremely important to Rhianna and she brings this to her role as a Sales Executive at EW Group, working closely with organizations to ensure they are fully supported in their journey to learn new, inclusive ways of seeing, thinking, behaving and operating.

With experience as an educational Learning Support Assistant to an autistic child, Rhianna utilizes an adaptive approach, understanding the need for different styles of communication. She is passionate about holistic health and was influential in educating marginalized communities on the health benefits of organic, raw ingredients for their skin and hair in her most recent role.

Rhianna’s interests are centered around increasing knowledge of self and include learning about Ancient Kemet, neuroscience and metaphysics as well as reading, writing and listening to music.

Rhianna Steadford EW Sales Executive