Tola Sokoya

Assistant Consultant
Head Office Consultant
United Kingdom

Tola Sokoya is an Assistant Consultant at the EW Group and Challenge Consultancy. An Applied Psychology graduate, Tola has an in-depth understanding of people’s motivations and how to change behavior patterns, including unconscious bias. In her role, Tola is responsible for working with the consultants and producing new content for training and external comms.

As a Black Queer woman, Tola brings her own lived experience to her work. She is passionate about educating people and organizations in how to remove barriers for minorities in the workplace and create inclusive cultures.

Previously, Tola worked as a Pharmacist Assistant and shadowed mental health professionals where she learnt the importance of organization and keeping on top of reports, as well as being aware of the human side of daily interactions and how to create an environment people feel comfortable in.

Tola is also involved in activism and protests including Million Women Rise and Black Lives Matter. Some of her other interests include signing, dancing, writing photography and psychology.

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