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Racism at work: how to stop discrimination in the workplace

In this guide, we explore what counts as racism at work, give examples, and look at what businesses and leaders…

Religious diversity and inclusion
Unconscious Bias

Religious Diversity in the Workplace and Why it’s Important for Inclusion

What is religious diversity and inclusion? In this blog we discuss the importance of religious inclusion in the workplace and…

Unhappy woman
Unconscious Bias

Types of unconscious bias: examples, effects and solutions

There are many different types of unconscious bias that can affect workplaces. See our overview of the most common examples,…

How to communicate with diverse audiences - group of people in discussion
Inclusive Leadership

Communicating with diverse audiences: The inclusive guide

Communicating with diverse audiences is key for organisations to progress their diversity agenda, as well as getting the best out…

Unconscious Bias in the workplace discussion
Unconscious Bias

What is unconscious bias in the workplace? How it’s defined and how to stop it

What is unconscious bias, where does it come from, and how can it negatively affect work cultures? Learn more about…

Teresa Norman - Non-Inclusive Language Blog
Inclusive Leadership

Non-Inclusive Language and Why it’s a Barrier to Inclusivity at Work

Teresa Norman discusses the importance of inclusive language in the workplace and explores three key areas of non-inclusive language use.

Menopause in the workplace - diverse women

How to Support Menopause in the Workplace:

Jane Ordaz examines how employers can create a menopause friendly organisation through awareness, training and a menopause policy.

Cultural intelligence - multi-cultural group conversing at work
Views from EW

What is Cultural Intelligence?

The term 'cultural intelligence' is a recent buzzword in D&I. But what is cultural intelligence and what is the importance…

Diversity audit - team discussion
Diversity Gap

What a diversity audit is, the benefits, and how to start one

What is a diversity audit and what are the benefits of it? The term ‘diversity audit’ can sound daunting. But…

Data has a better idea
Diversity Gap

Data on diversity in the workplace: what is diversity data and how to collect it?

Data is a core pillar for tracking and progressing your diversity and inclusion journey. In this guide, we explore how…

2023 Diversity and Inclusion Trends
Views from EW

Workplace Inclusion – 2023 DEI Trends and Predictions

Our experts share their insights on DEI trends and predications for 2023, from the impact of the ongoing financial uncertainty,…

Diversity assessment and accreditations blog
Diversity Gap

Drive DEI Impact With Diversity Assessment and Accreditation

Find out how diversity assessments and accreditation can help you drive DEI impact across your organization.