Enhancing equality and human rights learning online via the CQC training academy

EW Group worked in partnership with the British Institute of Human Rights to design an unconscious bias e-learning programme for all 3,500 staff at the CQC, the independent regulator for health and social care.

We designed a blended learning programme to bolster learner outcomes and ensure a cohesive training message.

The all-staff e-learning programme featured:

  • A 1-hour pre-course introductory module
  • A 30-min ‘Introduction to Unconscious Bias’ module for all staff
  • 45-min role-specific modules
  • 3-hour role-specific modules.

We designed our SCORM-compatible course modules to work on the CQC’s own learner management system. They included information on the science of unconscious bias, types of bias, and when and why it occurs, all supported by easily digestible video content.

Delegates were also presented with three bespoke case studies from the health, social care and emergency service sectors, followed by a series of prompt questions.

The online modules were then backed up by an in-person ‘train the trainer’ session.

By the end of this major programme, CQC staff have gained:

  • Easy, flexible access to a rich source of learning materials to support their awareness of unconscious bias, and their ongoing personal and professional development.
  • Greater understanding of the legal frameworks, including the Health and Social Care Act 2012, the Equality Act 2010 and the Human Rights Act 1998.
  • Improved awareness of risk, and impact on service users, if users’ equality and human rights are not protected.
  • Increased confidence in understanding CQC’s approach to mitigating unconscious bias at work, and its commitment to best practice in diversity and human rights.

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