We provided Equality Impact Assessment guidance and training to this ministerial department

Defra approached us looking to give their staff a comprehensive understanding of their Equality Impact Assessment process. They wanted Equality Impact Assessment workshops that linked up with a wider implementation programme, including the revision of EIA guidance, initial training and a mainstreaming process.

The training would also highlight the business case for carrying out equality impact analysis, and how equalities were integrated into the department’s policy-making cycle and quality assurance measures. The programme was backed by Defra’s Permanent Secretary, Helen Ghosh, who also acts as the department’s Diversity Champion.

Our Equality Impact Assessment training was tailor-made for specific Defra staff groups.

In collaboration with Defra, we designed a series of EIA training workshops for staff responsible for policy changes, projects and programming. As well as delegates from the core business, the course also targeted staff from Defra’s Executive Agencies.

Together, the workshops enabled Defra staff to:

  • Understand the minimum standards for Equality Impact Assessments at Defra
  • Establish the business case for carrying out an Equality Impact Assessment
  • Explain key terminology relating to discrimination and impact assessments
  • Explain the key steps to carrying out a full EIA
  • Understand the connection to Defra policy-making and its project quality assurance process.

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