Financial Ombudsman Service

A new standard for staff/consumer diversity and Equality Impact Assessments

The Financial Ombudsman Service came to us determined to make equality and diversity a part of its everyday business. Specifically, they were looking to make measurable improvements in:

  • Leadership and Strategy
  • Access and Inclusion
  • Service Delivery
  • Workforce Diversity.

We developed a bespoke Customer Service and Equality standard for the FOS.

The new standard allows the FOS to gauge their diversity performance, and deliver training to senior and mid-level managers. We also produced an accompanying Action Plan, working with stakeholders from all key departments, including HR, Access and Inclusion, Quality Assurance and Senior Management.

The Action Plan laid out a programme of on-going work, including a series of Equality Impact Assessments for which EW Group acted as a critical friend, and the set-up of a diversity champions network.

There are now diversity champions across all parts of the Service.

Our consultants also provided in-person training to improve equalities data gathering and monitoring, which has since increased in both quantity and quality. This improved data is now being used to inform further outreach and other development initiatives.

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