NHS London Leadership Academy

Delivering a strategic review of talent and workforce development

We worked with the NHS London Leadership Academy to conduct an analysis of their existing talent development programmes, and use this to inform future talent management strategy. These initiatives are delivered in a complex, cross-London context, with a large number of partners and stakeholders involved.

The London Leadership Academy was looking for guidance on which areas of talent development were really proving the most effective.

Our work began with a research phase. This allowed us to identify key themes and gauge the different approaches to talent management strategy across the organisation. We included close scrutiny of workforce planning documents, learning and development strategies and employee data, including the diversity of job applicants and career development opportunities.

To better understand themes, synergies and gaps, we then conducted 1:1 consultation meetings with work-stream leaders and other stakeholders.

Our final report identified where there may be gaps in existing provision and areas of overlap. This research and analysis project will enable NHS London Leadership Academy to identify how, and how effectively, its people are currently being developed.

The Academy has now moved towards a more strategic, whole system approach to talent development.

In addition to our report and recommendations, we also developed a bespoke talent management tool. Co-designed with key stakeholders, this allows each scheme to plan its development projects in line with best practice taken from across the whole of London.

“Teresa [Norman] was both like a member of the team and outside the team. The scope of the project kept changing, but Teresa was flexible in her approach, listened to feedback, showed persistence and came up with a great result which absolutely delivered for me.”

Anne-Marie Archard, Head of the NHS London Leadership Academy

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