Planet Organic

Building an inclusive culture at the UK’s largest organic supermarket chain.

Planet Organic is the largest organic supermarket chain in Britain. Founded in 1995, they are leading the way for organic and healthy food consumer options. Planet Organic also champions sustainable and environmentally conscious trade, becoming the first zero edible food waste business in 2018 through their community redistribution programme to combat food waste.

They currently operate across 12 locations in London and are set to open another before the end of 2021. With this growth, they are dedicated to carrying forward their commitment to inclusive work cultures.

Located across London, Planet Organic approached the EW Group to further develop their leadership and all staff members’ understanding in the impact of unconscious bias in business and retail. We have enjoyed continuing to our relationship with them on a range of diversity commitments since, including recently conducting a diversity audit and welcoming them to our Inclusive Culture Pledge.

Key Objectives

The desired outcome of the Unconscious Bias training was to achieve the key principles of a truly inclusive workplace:

  • Demonstrating to the Planet Organic Team how they can identify their own biases (and the potential impact these can have on fellow colleagues and customers)
  • Expressing the clear business and employee benefits of proactively embracing diversity and inclusion
  • Having a clear plan for developing even more inclusive team behaviours.
“Working with the EW Group has really helped accelerate our drive towards becoming a truly inclusive organisation. The conversations involved are often challenging ones and the EW Group’s expertise has meant we have been able to approach them positively and strategically. We are seeing the impact of our work together at all levels of our business already and we look forward to continuing our work together.”

James Marsh, HR Manager at Planet Organic

Our response

We created sessions for both Planet Organic’s Senior Leadership Team, and Managers and all staff based on what we had identified. Lead by EW Group consultant Yvonne Howard, we rolled out the unconscious bias training workshops to all of their team, with an added focus on inclusive management processes and being a fair and inclusive leader for the Leadership sessions.

Outcomes and Successes
Senior Leadership Team Evaluation Summary

  • 100% of Planet Organic’s SLT left the sessions feeling very confident in challenging a situation where bias influenced decision making (up from 30% before the session)
  • 100% of leaders reported being highly aware of the ways in which unconscious bias impacts work with colleagues and interactions with customers (up from 90%)
  • 100% of the leadership team left with a clear idea of the ways to proactivity demonstrate inclusivity.
“The training was interesting and engaging, particularly around unconscious bias and the circle of trust.”

Senior Leader at Planet Organic

All Staff Evaluation Summary

  • 100% of the Planet Organic team left the sessions feeling aware of what an inclusive company looks and feels like (up from 55.6%)
  • 100% are aware of what unconscious bias is (up from 66.7%)
  • 88% left the training feeling very confident in talking about D&I and championing inclusive behaviours (up from 44%), with 100% leaving with a clear idea of the ways to proactively demonstrate inclusivity.
“The most useful tool I have taken from the training is feeling more able to challenge difficult situations if I’m uncomfortable, not to push down my own feelings, and encourage my teams to do the same.”

Manager at Planet Organic

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