Use targeted research to drive measurable cultural change

Our diversity research and analysis services are crucial to effective workforce development and customer outreach. Robust research can be the key to unlocking better representation of the clients, customers or audiences you serve. It can provide the insights needed to target more diverse candidates in your talent pipeline. We’re also champions of good work on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, so research can set your business out as a standard-bearer of inclusion and belonging—blazing a trail of best practice right across your industry.

Closing the Gender Pay Gap

Out of 9,560 companies reporting in 2020, 8,090 pay men more than women

Neurodiversity in the Workplace

Only 16% of UK adults with autism are in full-time employment

Cross-cultural, intersectional research

Gain actionable insights on key areas of diversity, equity and inclusion

Our research projects are custom-made in line with your requirements and success criteria. Together, we’ll focus on your ability to measure the positive impact of engaging with EDI—to the benefit of staff, customers and service users. We’re especially well-versed in working with public-sector bodies and government departments, including Arts Council England, the NHS and the BBC.

In all our research, we approach diversity cross-culturally and intersectionally. In practice, that means we don’t treat protected characteristics in isolation—we interlink them and consider them alongside other crucial factors like education, class and socio-economic status. This allows us to build a comprehensive picture of where you are now, then provide practical recommendations to take you where you want to be.

Diversity Research Consultancy
Research design and delivery

From data-gathering to senior team presentation – end-to-end diversity research

The breadth and depth of our collective EDI knowledge means we can put your research in the hands of consultants who understand your industry and sector. Some of the aspects of diversity research we cover include:

  • EDI research topics, design and methodology
  • Key considerations and data segmentation
  • Synthesizing existing research/monitoring data on your key themes
  • Quantitative data – including workforce questionnaires and online surveys
  • Qualitative data – including interviews, focus groups and facilitated workshops
  • Preparation of research case studies (from your industry and elsewhere)
  • Benchmarking and best practice examples
  • Action planning (short-, medium- and long-term)
  • Report-writing and presentation to steering groups and senior leaders

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What our clients say

EW Group are experienced, challenging, thoughtful and 'on our side' when we search for ways to be more effective. And they're great fun to work with.

Kristina Glenn MBE
Director at
Cripplegate Foundation

Partnering with the EW Group was a no-brainer. We've found their professional approach and expertise uniquely valuable and look forward to a long and meaningful relationship.

James McFarland
Director of Brand Marketing and Communications at
Massive Interactive

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