Eliminating ethnicity-based pay inequity – it starts with data

Employers are becoming more transparent and proactive when it comes to unequal pay. Following the upsurge in gender pay gap reporting and analysis, ethnicity is another area of concern for a host of businesses. Those who respond quickest and most impactfully stand to gain significant momentum in the eyes of current and future employees, as well as competitive advantage in the eyes of would-be clients or customers. And it all starts with the data.

Closing the Gap

In 2020, the mean UK ethnicity pay gap between BAME and non-BAME staff was 29.3%

Improved Financial Performance

Companies that have racially and ethnically diverse employees are 35% more likely to financially perform above their industry’s average.

Thorough + transparent

Moving beyond reporting on the ethnicity pay gap

Organizations and their leadership teams are rightly under pressure to be more reflective of the society and consumer bases they serve. More equal pay and representation stands to unlock a host of business benefits, from increased staff retention, belonging and wellbeing, to better insights into the diverse needs of their customers.

According to PwC, 23% of businesses were already calculating their ethnicity pay gap in 2020, up from just 5% in 2018. But what comes next? More action is needed — grounded in thorough data analysis that can be used to drive more effective decision-making.

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Ethnicity Pay Gap Analysis Services
Practical + proactive

Take informed, meaningful strides to break the ethnicity pay gap

Work with our team of EDI experts and you’ll feel more confident about raising the ethnicity pay gap problem, gathering the relevant data, and asking questions around race within your organization. We’ll also work with you to set robust performance objectives, ensuring that pay equity is embedded in the wider strategic decision-making process. These goals may also include activities to:

  • Recruit more inclusively and free from bias
  • Champion race within the organization
  • Establish mentoring or sponsorship arrangements
  • Foster a spirit of allyship across the business
  • Address workplace bullying and harassment concerns
What our clients say

Our experience of EW Group has been one of the most effective, efficient and productive consultancy arrangements we have ever been involved in, in any area of work. Of particular value was their real desire to understand our business and functioning and produce tailored responses – something no less than ten internal colleagues took the time to write to me about.

Neil Alan Stevenson
Head of Strategic Change at
The Law Society of Scotland

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