Audit or Diagnostic?

Understanding your organisation’s diversity profile is the foundation of an inclusive and effective business. To ensure this, our experts work with you to perform equality, diversity and inclusion audits and analysis, identifying your challenges and strengths.

This allows us to propose powerful actions that will provide immediate changes, and then develop an ambitious, long-term culture transformation plan based on your available resources. Utilising diagnostic reports and staff consultation, you gain new insights into the systemic or cultural barriers that hinder diversity.

We also offer in-house data training courses that will help you measure this data, creating lasting change which can later be validated with our externally assessed accreditation, the Diversity Development Standard.

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Diversity Audit

An in-depth review of your diversity and inclusion processes, procedures and culture
  • Using a robust and comprehensive framework that can be tailored to your organisation’s needs
  • Providing qualitative and quantitative insights
  • Identifying your business challenges and areas of strength

Diversity Accreditation
(The Diversity Development Standard)

A comprehensive review and certified audit which is publicly recognised
  • Demonstrating your commitment to diversity and inclusion internally and externally
  • Externally validated by our expert awarding panel
  • On-going reviews every two years by our diversity specialists with updated recommendations

Diversity Data Analysis

Data collection and deep-dive analysis for evidence-based action-planning
  • Remote, desk-based research
  • Using your existing data to draw out insights and determine barriers to progress
  • May encompass pay gap data, recruitment data, staff survey data

Diversity Diagnostics

Applying an EDI review to address pre-identified challenges or barriers
  • Carried out on a specific function or workstream within your organisation, for example recruitment practices or talent management
  • Combining data analysis with staff experiences to build a rounded view of the internal D&I landscape
  • Emphasis on practical actions which can be taken to address challenges or barriers

Whichever service you choose, you will receive a detailed report with practical recommendations, providing clear and measurable areas focus.

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