Our Inclusive Culture Pledge demonstrates your commitment to developing an inclusive culture and allows you to benefit from EW’s extensive diversity and inclusion expertise.

Here are some of the organizations signed up to this year’s Pledge:

Anderson Quigley logo

Anderson Quigley

In 2022, we will evaluate our recruitment processes with a focus on accessibility and inclusive language, to ensure a supportive and inclusive experience for all candidates. We will continue to develop our collection and analysis of diversity data to deepen insights on trends, industry benchmarks and AQ’s successes in diverse appointments. We will continue to focus on attracting diverse talent to the AQ team as we grow the business.

Unibail Rodamco Westfield logo


In 2022 at URW we want to continue to build on our culture of diversity and inclusion. We strive to maintain our inclusive environment so that people can be the best version of themselves, and talented employees love to work here. We want to listen and learn from our people, and our D&I network, the Be You Network will continue to be a key driver for us in hearing everyone’s views and continuing to turn the dial on inclusivity. We will ask questions, try new ways of working and keep momentum on our People & Culture roadmap so that we can continue to “Reinvent Being Together”. Our purpose as a business is to provide spaces where people feel welcome and appreciated, and this applies to our employees as well. Our URW community must be as diverse and representative as the millions of customers that visit our centers daily, and live or work in assets within our portfolio. As part of the URW community, all employees should feel valued and fully supported, thriving in an inclusive working environment that celebrates diversity and creates a sense of belonging. A key factor here among our business and working principles is reaffirming our zero tolerance for bullying, sexual harassment, racism and any form of discrimination. Our Teamwork company value description has been updated to “we unite diverse talent to succeed” and in 2022 this will be our focus.

The Point of Care Foundation

The Point of Care Foundation

Our mission is to humanize healthcare. The Point of Care Foundation is committed to supporting the creation of an environment where all people have access to our work. We aim to ensure our services are available to all and welcoming of everyone, regardless of any protected characteristic. We will adapt our work to ensure representation from a range of backgrounds, roles and experiences through specific actions to address injustice and inequality, practical support, recruitment, evaluation and measuring the change and impact of our work to ensure equal access and representation. We believe this is not only the right thing to do, but also an issue of moral and equal justice which inspires us towards a cultural change and our mission of humanizing healthcare.

Stonbury logo


We will build an inclusive culture by training people at all levels on how unconscious bias affects us all, and what can be done to eliminate it.

Make a Wish logo


We will work towards providing equal access to a wish to every eligible child by equipping all our stakeholders with knowledge and tools to create inclusive environment for all members of the Make-A-Wish community, and by connecting with communities that we have not been reaching so far.

MEARS logo


Mears Group are committed to building a diverse and inclusive culture that reflects the communities in which we work; one that attracts and retains the best talent and enables our colleagues to thrive – it’s about the bigger picture, creating cultural fitness that goes beyond the protected characteristics In 2022 we will build an inclusive culture by. • Designing and implementing a strategic approach to fairness and inclusion, ensuring our systems are developed to support this o Ensure we grow diversity, across our business, especially in senior positions. o Deliver practical diversity and inclusion training to our frontline colleagues across the Group o Develop a framework of tools to aid Line Managers & colleagues and encourage more open and safe conversations o Develop a culture that promotes inclusiveness, setting clear accountability and competence for all posts at all levels o Ensure that we understand the negative impact of unconscious bias, particularly colleagues with the authority to recruit, promote and manage others.

CIFAS logo


We are beginning an overhaul of our recruitment strategies to better promote equal opportunities; we are launching an Inclusive Cifas Working Group compromised of employees across the business including managers and leadership members which will be focused on defining our approach to Inclusion at Work.

MSC logo

MSC Industrial Supply

Inequality is wrong. Injustice is wrong. Prejudice is wrong; but acknowledging these truths is not enough. At MSC, we are committed to building a more diverse culture. Our journey will include a fresh approach to helping our people to better understand and embrace diversity and inclusion at all levels. Diversity and Inclusion will be woven into the fabric of our organizations and will be at the heart of our culture. Our people decisions will be better informed as a consequence of becoming a more diverse business.

RSA logo


We will continue to build an inclusive culture and embed a D&I lens into our people processes. Throughout 2021, we will continue to raise awareness on important D&I issues and continue to challenge ourselves to have brave conversations where it matters. We are proud to support our employee resource groups in understanding the lived experience of all our colleagues, taking action where necessary to ensure that everyone can bring their best self to work and can fulfil their potential.

Hubble Solutions logo


Hubble pledge to continue the work of raising awareness of Equality, Diversity & Inclusion across our specialist industry networks through hosting thought-provoking events, peer-to-peer discussion groups and the usage of our network. We will achieve this while ensuring ED&I recruitment best practice when supporting our clients’ hiring needs.

Royal Society of Chemistry logo

Royal Society of Chemistry

We will continue to ensure an inclusive workplace where opportunities are open to all, and where everyone can Belong and bring their true self to work.

Mi-GSO PCU3ED logo


We will continue to strive to shape and nurture a culture where everyone is valued; where inclusiveness is a reflex, not an initiative and where EDI underpins our values and everything we do. ​ With passion and understanding, we will unfold the complexities of the EDI agenda, raising awareness across the workforce, creating a safe space for open dialogue and enabling everybody to play their part.

Planet Organic logo

Planet Organic

In 2022, Planet Organic is committed to conducting a thorough review of our mission, our values, our policies and our procedures to ensure that we encourage diversity and inclusivity at every level. We aspire to demonstrate kindness and understanding in everything we do, to emphasize the importance of standing opposed to any form of discrimination wherever we encounter it and to create a culture that celebrates the broadest range of skills, experience and backgrounds and gives them a space in which to thrive.

eQuality Solutions Logo

eQuality Solutions

At eQS we understand the importance of diversity, equity and inclusion, it is at the core of everything we do. We will build an inclusive culture by developing our staff through training and actively seeking opportunities to broaden our understanding of all things DE&I. Through our recruitment process we actively encourage those from diverse backgrounds to apply, and commit to staying at the forefront of recruitment practices to ensure our workplace is diverse.

Ferrovial Construction logo

Ferrovial Construction

As we look to further grow and diversify our business in terms of scale of projects, UK locations and sectors, we will continue to place people at the heart of the business. Therefore, this year we pledge to benchmark our employee compensation, benefits and inclusive practices against best in industry. We will translate best practices into policies and procedures to underpin activities across the entire organization and to improve data collection at all stages of the employee journey, from advertising for recruitment onwards. We will increase our apprentice intake and offer more early career placements for underrepresented groups in partnership with our collaborators (clients, supply chain, join venture partners). In terms of our culture, we will continue to ensure we are a fair and inclusive organization throughout by establishing employee networks and elevating the voices and experiences of underrepresented groups.

The Smalls logo

The Smalls

At The Smalls, we are committed to putting Equality, Diversity and Inclusion at the heart of everything we do. In 2021, we will focus on three key areas: 1. Our internal team. Ensuring our core team reflects the diversity of the UK. We will also implement on-going ED&I training for all members of staff. 2. Our creative community. We commit to uncovering and championing the true diversity of our creative community, and to diversifying our shortlisted talent pools. 3. Our clients. We will encourage our clients to come with us on this journey, and we will support them in measuring their own progress in ED&I. Above all, we will hold ourselves accountable for actioning change, and we will publicly advocate the importance of this move towards a more diverse and inclusive culture.

Phone Paid Services Authority (PSA) logo


PSA is committed to achieving and respecting equality, diversity and inclusion in everything it does. In 2022, we will continue to build an inclusive culture by striving to achieve best practice accessibility in our website, technology, communications, and workspace.

ICE logo

ICE Services

Whoever we are, we live each workday through our actions, shared values and personal integrity. We commit to: demonstrating respect for everyone by understanding and celebrating our differences; embracing the creativity that comes from different perspectives; and achieving excellence by bringing out the best in people who can bring their whole selves to work. We work together, collaboratively, with equal participation and inclusion to do the best for our colleagues and customers.

Morson logo


Supporting and encouraging our leaders to carve out an inclusive culture, working with individuals from different background with different perspectives on life. We will seek to educate our employees that diversity is a fact, inclusion is a choice and for us to have an inclusive culture, we must embrace diversity.

La Marzocco logo

La Marzocco

We appreciate each other’s impact and will dedicate time to enhance cultural agility on our day-to-day relationships by embedding Diversity & Inclusion in our recruitment & onboarding, in our “people in culture” program, through our leadership coaching, and in any collaboration with external partners. We will provide a toolkit and be monitoring our D&I good practice via employees’ surveys, feedbacks, and focus groups.

Football Association of Wales logo

Football Association of Wales

Our vision at the Football Association of Wales is to create an inclusive culture for our Staff and members across the football family. We aim to establish an environment where everyone can be their true authentic self and feel that they belong and be the best version of themselves. We are committed to building a diverse workforce and membership that reflects all communities across Wales and pledge to drive cultural change through consistent education and self-reflection.
Football is for EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE in Wales.

Marshall Wolfe logo

Marshall Wolfe

As we look to expand, we will continue to adapt an inclusive culture within our organization providing a safe space to all our employees. We pledge to be ambassadors for ED&I, encouraging more conversation and ensuring our clients have the tools to carry out better hiring processes. We believe in a valued and supported workforce, and signing up to the pledge means our clients can also join us on this journey to improve inclusion and diversity in the workforce.

Mcarthurglen logo


At McArthurGlen we value the diversity of our people. We celebrate difference and believe that everyone is extraordinary. We are committed to building a culture where our opinions and contributions are listened to and respected, and everyone can be themselves. We learn and grow together; we all belong.

Swiss Port Solutions logo

Swiss Post Solutions

We are committed to building an inclusive organization placing ED&I at the heart of culture, policies, and procedures. We will proudly encourage and support our employee groups to improve the experience of working for SPS both for existing and new employees. To support this we will embed ED&I within our policies, procedures and incorporate learnings from network groups to support a diverse workforce, that stands united against any form of discrimination. 

Dixon Walter logo

Dixon Walter

We will continue to pursue a culture committed to enhancing diversity across all of our activities. We will challenge our methods to seek out diverse networks for the role we appoint to, offering inclusive processes that provide equal opportunity for all. We will engage in the conversation to continuously develop our understanding of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, and will make a commitment to demonstrate greater diversity within our own team.