Make diversity a priority with inclusive leadership

Our inclusive leadership training will create and embed a golden thread of inclusive leadership throughout your business.

By designing and delivering sessions that cut across all aspects of day-to-day management, we educate your leaders on the many benefits of inclusive leadership and prompt them to re-evaluate how they manage, promote and lead others.

We regularly work with organizations with a global reach to build diverse cultures utilizing inclusive leadership. Our program will lead to noticeable and recognized outcomes, and be supported by a robust framework that allows you to accurately measure your return on investment.

Better decisions

Inclusive teams make better business decisions up to 87% of the time.

Culturally intelligent leaders

Culturally intelligent leaders are 3.5 times more likely to get the full potential out of their staff

Our approach to inclusive leadership development

Our inclusive leadership program will cement equity, diversity, and inclusion in your managers’ minds. It will become an inextricable part of their professional lives, and crucial to individual and organizational success. The sessions are thought-provoking, well-paced, and always aligned with your values.

EW Group’s inclusive leadership courses factor in all the protected characteristics while paying special attention to those which are business-critical to you. We base our program around your strategic and talent management goals.

Leadership training at EW Group, break time

For example, if you’re looking to improve your recruitment and selection channels, we will design an inclusive leadership course to equip your managers with the skills they need to address unconscious bias where it may be impeding diverse talent. Your leaders will then be able to confidently articulate and communicate the links between inclusion, improve staff engagement, and deliver better end products and services.

We often use acted scenarios to engage your employees and enable them to practice situations as they unfold in real time, giving them another practical benefit.

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Graphic of the five traits of leaders - Visible, Accountable, Authentic, Role Model and Transparent
Inclusive Leadership Training

Culture change for business success

For your inclusive leadership training to be effective, we make it bespoke to your business’s specific requirements and consider your company culture. Additionally, we may include key topics that commonly feature across our training programs, for example:

  • Diversity and difference: getting the best out of your teams
  • What does an inclusive culture look like and how do we nurture one?
  • The cultural code: how do people progress in your organization?
  • A great place to work: why diversity is critical to the business case
  • Knowing your leadership style and keeping it authentic
  • Pinpointing the triggers and habits that drive the best leadership behaviors

Design an inclusive leadership program unique to your business challenges

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What our clients say

EW Group designed and delivered sessions on Inclusive Leadership for our senior leaders and on Unconscious Bias for our global network of Diversity Change Agents. They collaborated with us to ensure the content and delivery was bespoke, stimulating and very effective. Their facilitation style was both intelligent and easy to relate to. I would recommend them to you.

Randall Bradford
Global Head of Healthcare Human Resources at
Merck KGaA

EW Group deliver with style, personality and impact.

Richard O'Flynn
Talent and Leadership Development Director at

Inclusive Leadership FAQs

What does inclusive leadership mean?

Traditional leadership models are being turned on their heads. In these extremely volatile times, today’s leaders need to adapt their management styles and principles to what is needed across varying contexts. Command and control leadership may work in emergency situations, but in the day-to-day, it will be alienating.

Senior leaders must be able to attract, engage and retain diverse groups if they are to deliver excellence, whether it’s for departments or entire companies. Their teams need to reflect the diversity of those they serve if they are to be considered truly world-class. This is why it’s important for organizations to demonstrate their commitment to inclusion to users and the public, and leaders themselves should articulate their belief in the proven business benefits of inclusive leadership approaches.

What does inclusive leadership look like in practice?

Inclusive leaders are inspirational leaders. They are experts at adapting their leadership style to different groups and live situations. This allows them to communicate effectively across cultures, and to visibly champion difference and diversity as a powerful benefit. By successfully managing unconscious bias — in themselves and others — they can unlock the best talent and build inclusive, high-performing teams.

What are the benefits of developing inclusive leaders?

There is a powerful business case for developing inclusive leaders in all areas of your organization. These include increased staff engagement, improved employee retention, and better decision-making.

It also promotes higher rates of disclosure for diversity data among workers, and ensures your staff are confident in reporting when standards are not being met. This helps to mitigate and prevent unwanted behaviors and reduces instances of bullying and harassment, grievance, and long-term sickness. Overall, inclusive leadership will create a culture that allows for innovation and assists you in securing a leading position in your industry.

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