Customize your diversity initiatives in line with your key DEI priorities

Every business has to start somewhere on its DEI journey. Work with us and we’ll help you define your diversity strategy and your top priorities for creating an inclusive culture. This process will highlight a number of emerging diversity themes that resonate most with your organization, staff, and customers. Each diversity theme reflects a type of difference that forms part of an individual’s characteristics – from those that are protected by law (such as gender, ethnicity, or disability) to those that may be less visible (like social class or neurodivergence). We’ll work closely with you to determine which diversity themes you should bring to the front.

Closing the Pay Gap

In the USA, women earn 82 cents for every dollar a man earns

Diverse Recruitment

96% of employers report having wider access to the best talent by being LGBT+ friendly

Target key diversity themes, backed up by our intersectional approach

Alongside this ability to bring forward a particular diversity theme, our work is always centered around intersectionality – the ways in which multiple layers of difference intersect in any individual. Setting up a staff network or ERG for black LGBT+ women is one example of intersectionality, as is adjusting computer-based assessments for working-class men with dyslexia.

Intersectionality provides a more nuanced and informed view of just how cross-cutting diversity is in all walks of life. In turn, your EDI initiatives need to address intersectionality if they are to truly bring everyone into the conversation. Otherwise, an isolated and strand-specific approach will lead people to think that something is ‘being done to them’. Ultimately, by combatting the compound layering of disadvantage, organizations can progress towards a culture of systemic inclusion.

That said, we’re all too aware that different sectors and industries face different challenges when it comes to diversity, equity and inclusion. Businesses need a custom approach, and that’s exactly what we give them. While we’ll always work with intersectionality in mind, we may also ‘major’ on one or more of the core diversity themes below. We’re also constantly developing new products and services so we stay state-of-the-art on new EDI themes and priorities as they emerge.

Diversity Equity Inclusion Training Themes
Know your themes

We focus on the following key diversity themes to help you support your employees

  • Race

    Exploring considerations of ethnicity, anti-racism, privilege and allyship.

  • Gender Identity & Equality

    Challenging gender-based inequities and recognizing gender as a social construct.

  • LGBT+

    Championing inclusion of all sexual orientations and trans-inclusion in policy and practice.

  • Disability

    Raising awareness of disability in all its forms, including hidden or invisible disabilities, the social model of disability, and ableism.

  • Neurodiversity

    Understanding the natural variations in the human brain around learning, sociability, attention, mood and other cognitive functions.

  • Mental Health & Wellbeing

    Safeguarding our emotional, psychological and social wellbeing at work.

  • Social Diversity

    Understanding how socio-economic background and class impacts our equal access to opportunity in the workplace.

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