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Happy New year from everyone at EW Group! I suppose as with everyone, I always find January to be a great point in the year to reflect on the year that has been. I look forward to planning and setting up goals for the upcoming year both on a personal and professional level. But these should be realistic and not focused on the overused mantra of ‘new year, new me’. To constantly chase a whole new self isn’t healthy or helpful to us as it sets us up for a gigantic fall. Personal growth is never ending. To be mindful and accepting of our own personal flaws is not rooted in an arrogant self-belief that there is no space for personal development. Instead, we should learn to enjoy that there is infinite learning ahead of us whilst being accepting of our full selves. It’s the funny thing of learning to create inclusive spaces for our own selves too, not just for others. Not an easy feat.

Intentional change as opposed to circumstantial change (like a promotion) are scientifically provento be beneficial to our overall happiness. Some intentional changes that could be made to promote self-growth could include:

  • Starting a new hobby
  • Finding a mentor
  • Creating a morning routine (see here for more tips)
  • Reflecting at the end of each day (e.g. keeping a happiness journal)
  • Adopting healthy stress management techniques
  • Carving out time for yourself to relax and decompress


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At EW Group, we recently made some individual pledges as part of creating our own inclusive workplace. These goals are small acts we can do for ourselves or for our colleagues/ clients to create an inclusive culture for all. Some examples included:

  • Respecting others’ working hours even if you have a different working pattern (as part of flexible working)
  • Taking a walk during lunch to get fresh air
  • Adopting the 20-20-20 rule: preventing eye strain by every 20 minutes looking at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds
  • Getting up and stretching your legs for a few minutes every hour
  • Adopting the Pomodoro technique: a time management method breaking down work into 25 minute intervals
  • Not to send emails outside of working hours

The beginning of a new year does not have to mean throwing everything away and starting again. Making small, intentional changes can be even more powerful for self-growth.


At EW Group, we’re committed to creating inclusive and welcoming workplace environments for everyone. Find out more about our Workplace Wellbeing for Managers workshop and Mental Health First Aid Training.

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