Agnes Fletcher

Diversity & Inclusion Consultant
UK & Europe Consultant
United Kingdom

Described by the Equality and Human Rights Commission on her appointment as Statutory Independent Reviewer as “a widely respected expert on equality”, Agnes is well-networked and influential in the field of equality law, policy and practice. Agnes has over 20 years’ executive experience of delivering equality outcomes in the public, private and third sectors.

Agnes has provided strategic advice, training and consultancy services to more than 150 organizations during the past 12 years. Her experience includes: working with Transport for London as a member of Independent Disability Advisory Group; providing strategic advice and guidance for Office for Disability Issues; and delivering EDI training for Public Health England and Financial Ombudsman. She also has substantial governance experience having worked in various roles at Disability Rights Commission and at Royal Association for Disability and Rehabilitation. She has authored various titles, including for the British Council and the Journal of Law and Society. Agnes co-authored Tackling disability and health-related barriers to progression within the Civil Service and Disability Rights Commission: from civil rights to social rights.

Agnes’ depth and breadth of knowledge and experience brings first-hand insight and experience of disability challenges and best practice opportunities not only within the public sector but particularly within TfL. Agnes has an ability to analyze and condense complex situations and data into practical, solution-focused training programs that deliver with long-lasting impact.

Agnes Fletcher Diversity Consultant