Enya Doyle

Diversity & Inclusion Consultant
UK & Europe Consultant
United Kingdom

Enya’s collaborative, compassionate and creative approach to driving social change has been recognised on local and national levels for over 10 years. She has a PhD on gender diversity and inclusion in music, which reflects her commitment to scrutinizing the often subtle and underlying forms of exclusion embedded in organizational systems and culture. She is particularly excited by working within the arts and education sectors. Enya specializes in gender-based discrimination, sexism, and sexual misconduct and is passionate about enacting positive change with regards to the wellbeing of employees and other stakeholders who are minoritized.

Enya takes a pragmatic approach to leading what are often perceived to be difficult and uncomfortable conversations. She enjoys working at all levels and with a variety of people, be that one-to-one with senior leaders and board members, with small teams and committees, and on an organization-wide level. Enya has worked with Durham University, the University of York, the Royal Musical Association, The National Youth Choirs of Great Britain, The Royal Irish Academy of Music, and Spitfire Audio. She has presented her research on gender diversity in the UK, Australia and the United States.

Enya brings valuable experience of taking companies through their inclusion journey from the very beginning by helping them to develop and deliver measurable, achievable goals through audits, training, and policy development. Enya has a track record of providing effective, well-received training and thoughtful, evidence-based guidance with regards to being an inclusive recruiter and retaining a diverse workforce through embedding a culture of belonging for all.

Enya Doyle Gender Wellbeing Diversity Specialist