Saffron Akbar

Finance and Operations Executive
Head Office
United Kingdom

Saffron Akbar is EW Group and Challenge Consultancy’s Finance and Operations Executive. She is responsible for managing project invoicing and works closely with our project management team and our clients, answering any invoicing related questions that arise.

Saffron is an experienced finance professional, having worked in a number of different industries, most recently holding the role of Business Manager in a school before joining the EW Group and Challenge Consultancy team in 2018.

Saffron enjoys working with diverse groups of people with different experiences and backgrounds and is passionate about maternity and women’s rights. With children of her own, she feels the work we do to create more inclusive workplaces is important, both in the short term and for future generations. She also enjoys reading, music, cooking, entertaining and spending time with her family.

Saffron Akbar - Finance and Operations Executive