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With over 120 diversity consultants and 35 years of expertise, we’re fast becoming the world’s leading diversity, equity and inclusion consultancy. We believe that diversity involves everyone and that inclusion is both a lifelong journey and everyday competence. That’s why we specialize in designing, developing and delivering comprehensive DEI programs that drive real culture change. 

Listening to the individual in the crowd is at the core of what we do. Our positive and practical approach to inclusion has the power to excite, engage and motivate your people like nothing else. Work with us and you’ll gain a fair advantage. 


We’ve trained hundreds of thousands of people from all walks of life on diversity, equality and inclusion (or DEI for short).


We’ve co-created blended learning programs with global brands, government bodies and trailblazing non-profits.

+ countries

We’ve worked with diverse teams across North America, Europe, Asia and Australasia (with more coverage to come).

What we do

We help organizations across all sectors to embrace diversity in all its forms and to build working cultures of inclusion, equity and belonging. We drive inclusive behaviors through practical in-person training and compelling virtual learning. We drill down into systemic change with our audit, analysis and strategy work. Plus, we deliver the benefits of inclusive leadership and management throughout your everyday.

We offer a full suite of consultancy services focused on mass-participation event design, development and delivery. From bespoke research to campaign strategy, product innovation to project management support, we have the experience and specialist skills to support your teams every step of the way.

Who we’ve collaborated with

We’ve specialized in diversity, equity and inclusive leadership for the last 30 years. Our clients range from major players and industry disruptors to the institutions and projects at the heart of modern society. Together, we do work that challenges companies to champion and create change for the better.

EW Group deliver with style, personality and impact.

Richard O'Flynn
Talent and Leadership Development Director at

We’ve had a great collaboration with EW Group, from the first contact to the final report and follow-up discussions. We were met with great service and flexibility, and we managed to receive a spot-on, personalized workshop on unconscious bias that was an eye-opener for our top and middle management. We're already looking forward to our next project together and to see what fun and challenging exercises they come up with again.

Alina Daina
Senior HR Business Partner at
Massive Entertainment (A Ubisoft Studio)
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Whether you’re not sure where to start or looking to push your DEI gains further, we’re here for you.

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