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Successful modern companies know that they have to take equity, diversity and inclusion seriously, not just because it’s the right thing to do, but also as it leads to better business. For over 35 years we have delivered bespoke equality, diversity, and inclusion training courses for countless large and small organisations.

Suitable for staff at all levels, across every sector, our training will develop your employees’ ability to overcome unconscious bias, bullying and poor wellbeing. What’s more, it will support your business and its leaders in nurturing an organisational culture that understands and emphasises equality and diversity and is up to date with all relevant equality law and diversity principles.

Our diversity training themes

There are many ways to enhance your business’s equality, diversity and inclusion. We’ll tailor a plan to your specific needs and can deliver virtually or in person, backed up with a suite of customisable diversity elearning modules.

Your needs, our expertise

Our practical, positive methodology focuses on real-life scenarios

To truly incorporate diversity training into your business, our experience shows that a collaborative, tailor-made approach is the most effective. We structure our programme around your existing culture and values, with the specific challenges you’re facing acting as our compass.

To do this, we start with a thorough analysis of your training needs, including an inception meeting to agree success criteria and KPIs, followed by telephone interviews with staff and management for a better understanding of your obstacles. We review all of your existing policies, documentation and guidance, as well as your training materials, current frameworks and previous evaluations.

There will always be things that you do exceptionally well, and these will be the foundation of our equality, diversity and inclusion training, allowing you to utilise your strengths for improvement. From here, we use our positive, practical, and solution-focused method to better and build on your successes, creating a bespoke cross-cultural and interdisciplinary programme for your business.

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What our clients say

It’s been fantastic working so closely with the Team, and to experience their passionate commitment to this agenda. Mercedes F1 have taken the lead, and shown a deep, and heartfelt commitment to leveraging the benefits of diversity and an inclusive culture. We look forward to working with them to continue to drive real and measurable changes over the next 5 years.

Jane Farrell
Founder at
The EW Group

Improve market share

Diverse organisations are 45% more likely to improve their market share

D&I increases performance

85% of the world’s CEOs say a clear diversity and inclusion strategy leads to increased performance

Diversity and Inclusion trainer in workshop at EW Group head office
Inclusion & diversity training

A sample inclusion and diversity training course outline

What our clients say

Refreshing and reassuring… EW Group brought to our discussions exceedingly high levels of knowledge and skill in respect of training and equality and diversity respectively, together with a genuine willingness to meet our identified development needs.

David Maguire
Senior Organisational Development and Strategic Learning at
Metropolitan Police Service

The actor-based training was innovative and thought-provoking. A great experiential learning exercise.

Valerie Todd
Former Talent and Resources Director at

Diversity & Inclusion FAQs

What are the benefits of diversity and inclusion in the workplace?

A focus on workplace diversity and inclusion will not only ensure a happier and more engaged workforce, wider perspectives, and better in-depth understanding of customers and their priorities, it will directly affect an organisation’s bottom line.

What’s the difference between equality training and diversity training?

Equality training and diversity training often go hand in hand, but they are not exactly the same. Diversity training is all about understanding the positive nature of the differences between social groups, cultures and people, while equality training is about removing barriers to opportunity based on individuals’ characteristics.

How does diversity affect employee training and development?

From hiring, to training and development, your organisation will have to consciously handle inclusion and promote equality, while showing its accountability and willingness to progress. Your employees will benefit from better culture, more equal chances for development, and training that takes into account the specific challenges they face as individuals, ultimately building a stronger foundation for your business.

How do you get the diversity data you need?

Improving workplace diversity is not just about words — it is hugely reliant on having the right type and volume of data, as well as being able to analyse it correctly to guide your strategies and efforts. In order to collect this data, you need to set a benchmark, work out what you want to measure, create reports, and be able to communicate to gather it.

Not sure what equality, diversity and inclusion training you need?

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