Build a robust base of EDI knowledge and awareness among all staff

It’s very common for clients at the beginning of their EDI journey to have significantly varying degrees of understanding on the subject. Bringing all staff up to the same level of EDI compliance is step one on the road to addressing exclusion and unwanted behaviour—and to moving towards an inclusive working culture where everyone feels they belong. We can support your people in grasping the legal framework, the basics of appropriate workplace conduct, and the proven business case for diversity.

Workplace Sexual Harassment

Almost two-thirds of women aged 18–24 have experienced sexual harassment at work

Supporting LGBT+

Less than half of LGBT+ employees in the UK feel able to be open to everyone at work

Practical, real-life content

Make a compelling case for EDI compliance

Compliance training doesn’t have to be dry. Based on real-life workplace scenarios, we’ll get your people talking to each other with the same understanding of the same core terminology. That way, you can start to open important dialogues, invite lived experience into the conversation, and create a culture of tolerance and challenge.

Our EDI Fundamentals courses are tailored to you and your everyday. The content will weave in the specific business case for diversity, equity and inclusion for your organisation. We’ll also feature real-world case studies from your industry or sector and flag up extracts from your existing company policies and guidelines.

Equality Diversity Inclusion Compliance Training
Country-specific compliance

Set clear expectations for all staff on workplace EDI

Our EDI Fundamentals training is available as in-person, virtual or blended learning. In the UK, we’ll cover the Equality Act 2010 in sufficient detail so that all staff are clear about the legal parameters of EDI. Overseas, we’ll adapt the course content in line with local legislation. We’ll also explore bullying, harassment and discrimination so that appropriate behaviours and boundaries at work are made explicit. A typical EDI compliance course will cover:

  • Legislation and the Law – UK programmes cover the Equality Act 2010 and the Public Sector Equality Duty
  • Discrimination – addressing the various types of discrimination using scenario-based examples
  • Bullying, Harassment and Victimisation – defining, recognising and challenging inappropriate and unlawful behaviours
  • Your Responsibilities – practical guidance on contributing to an equitable culture at work
  • The Business Case – the opportunities for engaging with EDI
  • Plus specific course input based on your workforce demographics, customer/client base, and strategic EDI priorities
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What our clients say

Working with the EW Group on both the challenges and the opportunities ahead of our organisation in relation to Diversity & Inclusion has been a pleasure. The deliverers appropriately challenged our staff to consider the everyday applications of this training but also the wider professional and societal effects. This is the first step on what I hope to be a very positive journey for the Hallé and I look forward to collaborating with EW Group on our next steps.

Hayley Parkes
Projects Manager at
Hallé Orchestra

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