Diversity roadmaps and action plans that drive genuine culture change

Businesses across the world are embracing the legal, moral and commercial imperatives of a clear EDI agenda. In all its forms, inclusion is increasingly seen not as a problem to be addressed, but as a workable solution to many everyday operational challenges — from higher levels of staff engagement, loyalty and innovation to more effective customer service. We bring significant expertise in assessing organisations’ diversity strategies and making recommendations that lead to practical action.

Inclusive Performance

Organisations with inclusive cultures are 3x as likely to be high-performing

Stock Exchange Culture

During the 2007-2009 financial crisis, while the S&P 500 fell by more than 35%, the stocks of inclusive companies rose by 14%

Walk your talk

Improve your strategic decision-making and action-taking

Research by PwC shows that 87% of global CEOs are committed to promoting EDI in their organisations. But the same research found that only two-thirds of young leaders in those companies felt this was a reality. We’re here to help plug that gap.

Our established diversity research principles allow us to throw new light on the experiences of different groups within your workforce. We can then use this to build up a picture of your company to use as a benchmark, and the basis from which you can develop an action plan on diversity and inclusion.

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Diversity Inclusion Strategy Design
Collaborative approach

Co-create a meaningful strategy for diversity and inclusion

Our diversity and inclusion specialists will design and deliver facilitated sessions for your senior leaders, along with staff focus groups. Working together, we’ll engage individuals from all parts of your business, using their unique insights to co-create a set of common strategic goals to apply across all divisions. Our recommendations may include:

  • Producing a clear diversity and inclusion roadmap, setting out your vision for where the business wants to be, and the actions and milestones needed to get there
  • Developing a shared understanding of what an inclusive culture would really look like in your business
  • Building a framework to cascade your diversity action plan right the way through the organisation
  • Supporting your in-house EDI champions, networks and working groups through the process
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What our clients say

EW tailored the D&I audit to focus exactly where we needed. They were flexible and available and their consultant was a great partner to engage with our steering group and leadership team. The outcomes have formed the basis of our three-year Belonging strategy, and I’m looking forward to having another audit in three years to see how far we’ve come!

Rebecca Berry
Director of Culture, Diversity and Inclusion at
Lloyd's Register

Diversity and inclusion strategy design that’s tailored to you

Understanding your organisation’s EDI profile is the foundation on which to build a more inclusive business. We’ll work with you to identify existing areas of strength, as well as challenges and areas for improvement as you move towards systemic inclusion.

Typically, we’ll combine diversity data analysis and documentary insights from confidential one-to-ones and group conversations with a sample of your staff and business leaders. We can then design and facilitate a session on progressing towards EDI maturity, and a workplace culture that emphasises equity and belonging.

Not sure what equality, diversity and inclusion training you need?

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