Embrace creative co-facilitation to find new ways forward

We offer a range of creative sessions and workshops—designed and run by artists—to complement our core EDI services. Bring a live scribe into an EDI strategy planning session with your senior team and they’ll act as co-facilitator alongside our EDI consultant. Or run a creative provocation session to figure out why your client is struggling with an EDI-related issue, such as recruiting diverse staff.

Our artists aren’t your average facilitators. Their unique perspectives mean they’re perfectly placed to help build the capacity of your people to innovate in the face of change, to spot and respond to opportunities, and to manage complexity. This isn’t about craft and crochet, though—it’s about developing specific skills like inclusive teamwork and decision-making. In the process, you’ll boost levels of confidence, engagement and productivity among your individuals and teams.

Agile Inclusive Cultures

Organisations with inclusive cultures are 6x more likely to be innovative and agile

Increasing Innovation

Inclusive companies are 1.7 times more likely to be innovation leaders in their market and 1.8 times more likely to be change-ready

Where art meets ROI

Enhance your EDI initiatives through art, music and more

We use artists to enliven senior team meetings and all-staff events and to encourage more effective communication around diversity, equity and inclusion. This helps you to build employee engagement and participation, to connect people internally and externally to your EDI strategy, and to stimulate creative thinking across the business.

Our creative services support improved ideas and insights around:

  • Inclusive communication and engagement (to staff and customers)
  • Team collaboration and co-creation
  • EDI strategy planning and staff buy-in
  • Diverse customer focus and impact testing
  • Innovation and product development for diverse audiences
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Artist live scribing - Creative Services offered by EW Group
Visualise your EDI strategy

#1 – Live Scribing

Working with an illustrator, live scribing provides a visual summary of your EDI-led meeting, event or ideas session, created in the room in real time.

Our illustrator will sit in on your EDI session and produce an image on one huge sheet of paper, bringing events to life as they happen. Imagine one large, cohesive graphic that blends cartoons, diagrams and quotes—the essence of what was voiced or agreed on in the room. That’s a valuable resource for both those who were there and those who weren’t.

Meetings and events can be the focus of significant time, resources and effort. Too often, they’re long in the making, short in the memory. By capturing your high-priority content and contributions and translating them into memorable visuals, your scribe will help everyone in the business grasp your EDI strategy and future direction.

Here’s how it works:

  • On-site for the duration of your meeting, your illustrator creates a large-scale graphic in full view of your participants, evolving as your discussion progresses
  • If desired, we can match the graphic to your company colours and style
  • After the meeting, we’ll provide a high-quality final image file for use in your corporate communications on EDI
  • Alternatively, your scribe can take away a recording of the event to visualise subsequent written reports or EDI strategy documents
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Diversity Events Creative Provocation Sessions
A creative spin on problem-solving

#2 – Creative Provocation

Working with our acting team, we’ll create an immersive environment in which your staff are tasked with solving an EDI-related problem using all their ingenuity.

When we’re faced with a problem, we typically do one of the following: seek out the most obvious rational solution (with minimal outside input), pull together a group and brainstorm, or procrastinate and postpone. All these approaches are based on finding the easiest route from problem to solution. But they also risk inaction, loss of focus, or simply resorting to age-old fixes. Creative provocation, on the other hand, creates a culture where people can challenge the status quo and innovate more effectively.

Here’s how it works:

  • Our actors and diversity consultants will spend some time getting to know your business and any EDI challenges you’re facing, whether it’s in product development or employee engagement/belonging
  • We’ll design a creative provocation that takes your people out of their everyday and into an environment where they feel comfortable coming up with radical solutions to key EDI issues
  • Working together, your team members will test and refine their thinking before presenting their final ideas as a group
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Diversity Events Creative Facilitation
Get everyone singing from the same songsheet

#3 – Creative Facilitation

Soundtrack your conference or event with the help of our team of writers and musicians and make your key EDI themes instantly more memorable.

We’ll co-produce a distilled summary of your diversity event, in written or musical form, which we call your Anthem for the Day. It’s an emotive yet informative way to convey key messaging, learning and outcomes when it comes to EDI, while saving your communications teams valuable time and resources.

We can also deliver one-off choirs and all-staff singing sessions to complement your EDI events calendar. Our vocal coaches will create an energising participatory session that builds confidence, camaraderie and a sense of working towards a common goal.

All ability levels are welcome, and everyone can take part. Through the process of learning, rehearsing and performing, your staff will experience in microcosm just how it feels to be part of a high-impact inclusive team.

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What our clients say

The actor-based training was innovative and thought-provoking. A great experiential learning exercise.

Valerie Todd
Former Talent and Resources Director at

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