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Teresa Norman - Non-Inclusive Language Blog
Inclusive Leadership

Non-Inclusive Language and Why it’s a Barrier to Inclusivity at Work

Teresa Norman discusses the importance of inclusive language in the workplace and explores three key areas of non-inclusive language use.

Menopause in the workplace - diverse women

How to Support Menopause in the Workplace:

Jane Ordaz examines how employers can create a menopause friendly organisation through awareness, training and a menopause policy.

Cultural intelligence - group conversing at work
Views from EW

What is Cultural Intelligence?

Jane Farrell, the founder of EW Group, shares her insights on how cultural intelligence can transform your business. The term…

Diversity audit - team discussion
Diversity Gap

What a diversity audit is, the benefits, and how to start one

What is a diversity audit and what are the benefits of it? The term ‘diversity audit’ can sound daunting. But…

Diversity Data - Data has a better idea
Diversity Gap

Data on diversity in the workplace: what is diversity data and how to collect it?

Data is a core pillar for tracking and progressing your diversity and inclusion journey. In this guide, we explore how…

2023 Diversity and Inclusion Trends
Views from EW

Workplace Inclusion – 2023 DEI Trends and Predictions

Our experts share their insights on DEI trends and predications for 2023, from the impact of the ongoing financial uncertainty,…

Diversity assessment and accreditations blog
Diversity Gap

Drive DEI Impact With Diversity Assessment and Accreditation

Find out how diversity assessments and accreditation can help you drive DEI impact across your organisation.

Lisa Jobson - EW Group D&I Consultant - Positive discrimination and positive action blog
Unconscious Bias

Positive Action vs Positive Discrimination: What’s the difference?

What interventions can you make to address under representation of minoritised groups in the workforce. Lisa Jobson explores positive discrimination…

How To Organize An Inclusive Office Party - Ten Tips
Views from EW

How To Organise An Inclusive Office Party – Ten Tips

Organising the office party but unsure about how to make it an inclusive event? Read our 10 top tips to…

Coming out at work blog
Views from EW

How to Support Employees Coming Out at Work

Nathan Salmon, Senior Project Manager at EW Group, discusses the challenges of coming out at work and how employers can…

The benefits of networking blog
Views from EW

The Benefits of Networking: In Business and for Wellbeing

Sharla Smith explores the personal challenges of networking and the mental health and wellbeing benefits it can bring. 

Inclusive leadership conference delegates
Inclusive Leadership

What are the Five Behaviours of Inclusive Leaders?

Inclusive leadership increases staff engagement and improves diversity and staff retention. We identify the five critical behaviours of inclusive leaders.