Compassionate leadership - schools and businesses - teacher with pupil during pandemic Inclusive Leadership

Lessons on compassionate crisis management

Read how schools and businesses have adapted equally to the challenges of Covid-19. And as inclusive leaders work out how to lead through this next phase of a global pandemic, young champions like Marcus Rashford, offer an inspiring example of how leaders can use their own experience to affect change.
Jane Farrell
November 6, 2020
The Equality Act 2010 - photo of Justice holding scales to symbolise the Law From the Blog

The Equality Act 2010: a guide for employers and employees

The Equality Act 2010 is the UK’s primary legal framework for protecting individual rights and furthering equality, diversity, and inclusion. In this guide, we explore what the Equality Act 2010 is, the nine protected characteristics it safeguards, the discrimination it aims to eliminate, and the public sector equality duty.
Yvonne Howard
September 18, 2020