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Jane Farrell - Chief Diversity Officer (CDO) blog
Inclusive Leadership

Chief Diversity Officer (CDO) – silo or critical strategic role?

Jane Farrell is Co-Founder of EW Group. She is a specialist in inclusive leadership, unconscious bias, organisational change and cultural…

Linda Stewart EW Group Diversity & Inclusion Specialist
Inclusive Recruitment

Do diversity quotas and targets succeed in achieving D&l needs?

Linda Stewart, Diversity and Employment Law Specialist at EW Group, explores the impact of diversity quotas and targets in achieving…

Tiwonge Cohn: Decolonising the workplace blog author

Decolonising the workplace – 14 ideas on how to get started

Tiwonge Cohn explores how to begin decolonising the workplace, and how this doesn’t take away from other stories but enriches…

Deafness in the workplace - hearing device
Views from EW

Deafness in the Workplace: Lived Experience with Hearing Loss

Cara Low, Head of Marketing at EW Group, discusses her personal experience of dealing with hearing loss in the workplace,…

Crohns & Colitis Awareness Week
Workplace Wellbeing

Crohn’s & Colitis Awareness Week: Living with Crohn’s Disease

Grace Randall, Project Manager at EW Group, discusses her experiences living with Crohn’s disease and how employers can support those…

Workplace diversity and inclusion best practice
Inclusive Leadership

Challenges to achieving workplace diversity and inclusion best practice

What are the challenges with workplace diversity and how can organisations overcome them? Find out how to create a more…

How to communicate with diverse audiences - group of people in discussion
Inclusive Leadership

How to communicate with diverse audiences: the inclusive guide

Communicating with diverse audiences is key for organisations to progress their diversity agenda, as well as getting the best out…

Black History Month at Work Graphic

Black History Month at work – important or tokenistic?

Many organisations understandably debate the question of how to approach Black History Month each year. Do we celebrate it, and,…

Diverse recruitment panel
Inclusive Recruitment

Eight easy ways to ensure diversity recruiting in your organisation

Tiwonge Chipeta looks at eight ways to achieve diversity recruiting and access diverse talent. Discover how to broaden your talent…

Hybrid working
Views from EW

An employer’s guide to hybrid working

While offices reopen, hybrid working is here to stay. Inclusion, productivity and team cohesion must remain priorities as more teams…

Implicit bias training session
Unconscious Bias

What is implicit bias training, and does it work?

Measures to combat bias can actually have a negative impact on your diversity progress if done ineffectively. In our new…

EW Group and eQS Team
Views from EW

Growing demand for fair and inclusive working cultures sees eQS acquire EW Group

Press Release: Equality Works Group (EW Group), the leading full-service diversity and inclusion consultancy, announces an exciting new chapter in the organisation’s history after…