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Due to the gender pay gap, on 18th November each year, women in the UK effectively stop earning a salary. Despite increasing awareness of the issue – from the boardroom to the sports arena—the UK gender pay gap actually increased in 2021 from 14.9% to 15.4%. In the finance sector, it’s as high as 30%. But the business case for gender parity is a strong one: closing gender pay gaps at work could add £150 billion to UK GDP by 2025. Our team of specialist diversity consultants will work with you to analyse your gender pay gap reporting more effectively and to respond to the insights that fuel meaningful progress.

Women in Management

Only 3.6% of the CEOs of FTSE 250 companies in 2020 were women

Male Opportunity

Male employees are more likely to report their career being positively impacted by meritocracy

Pay gap data specialists

How to close the gender pay gap – expert analysis and action-planning

We recognise that the gender pay gap is a complex problem—no magic bullets here. But by drawing on 30 years of experience in DEI consultancy, we’re best placed to address the structural and cultural barriers to gender parity that can affect even the best-intentioned of organisations. The payoff? Improved levels of engagement and retention, productivity and innovation, and customer service and representation.

Work with us and we’ll support you in building a viable organisational narrative around your gender pay gap auditing, reporting and analysis. We’ll also help you articulate your senior-level commitment to gender equality and inclusive working, as well as your communications strategy on equal pay. This will build momentum and engagement among your staff and brand currency and value among your customers.

Gender Pay Gap Analysis Services
Reporting is only the beginning

Gender pay gap action-planning for practical, data-driven next steps

We’ll delve deep into your gender pay gap data to highlight the priority areas for development. Then we’ll provide a straightforward set of short, medium and long-term recommendations in key business areas, including:

  • Recruiting and retaining women
  • Job role design, pay and reward (including any bonus gap)
  • Building gender-inclusive cultures
  • Addressing barriers to progression
  • Flexible working and pregnancy/maternity
  • High-potential talent programmes
  • Role-models, mentoring, staff networks and ERGs

Talk to us about how we can help you close the gender pay gap.

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