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Our diversity audits enable businesses to take data-driven action on their way to becoming more ethical, equitable and inclusive places to work. We’ll combine data collection and analysis with staff consultation to give you a holistic view of your progress on diversity, equity and inclusion. In turn, you’ll be able to craft better EDI policies and strategies that attract top talent, unleash team creativity, and boost business performance.

Cut Losses

Unconscious bias costs American businesses $550 billion every year

Job Hunting

Black or Asian British job applicants send over 60% more job applications than white British applicants before receiving a response

A more positive take on diversity auditing

Send a powerful signal to staff and clients of your commitment to EDI

Our specialist auditors will focus on four key EDI dimensions: data, policies, processes and culture. Alongside desk analysis, we’ll run confidential interviews and focus groups to glean valuable insights from staff on their experiences, plus ideas that can move the organisation forward. These sessions allow us to understand what’s really happening day to day—from the staff canteen to the shopfloor.

Audits are often associated with sweat-breaking criticism from outside. We take a more positive view, working in partnership with our clients and making a point of highlighting what’s already being done well. We’ll also provide practical, measurable recommendations on EDI best practice and areas for development. And we’ll present our findings in a way that lands and generates momentum for the tasks at hand.

Diversity Audit Services
Customise your audit

Tailor-make your EDI action-planning

We apply our tried-and-tested audit framework to each organisation we work with. That said, you have the option to spotlight one or several EDI themes in line with your strategic priorities. Sample themes include:

  • Workforce demographics
  • Audience representation
  • Talent pipeline and retention
  • Recruitment and selection
  • Reward, pay and promotion (including pay gaps)
  • Communications and company signals

Understand your organisation’s diversity with audits and analysis

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Diversity & Inclusion Audit FAQs

Why are diversity and inclusion audits important?

Diversity and inclusion audits help businesses to better understand the demographics and culture of their workforce. Audits provide the insights required to create diversity strategies that deliver benefits to both the organisation and its employees. Creating an equal working environment has a number of business benefits, including increased productivity, innovation and staff retention.

What do diversity and inclusion audits focus on?

There are four key dimensions to a diversity and inclusion audit: data, policies, processes, and culture. These four areas provide the building blocks that will enable you to shape your diversity strategy and create a more equal working environment where all employees can thrive.

How does EW Group approach diversity and inclusion audits?

Many audits focus on what’s going wrong, but we take a more positive approach. Working in partnership with our clients, we highlight what’s already being done well, as well as providing practical, measurable recommendations on areas for development.

We also take a flexible approach. While we have our tried-and-tested audit framework, you can customise your audit to focus on your strategic priorities or main areas of concern.

What our clients say

EW tailored the D&I audit to focus exactly where we needed. They were flexible and available and their consultant was a great partner to engage with our steering group and leadership team. The outcomes have formed the basis of our three-year Belonging strategy, and I’m looking forward to having another audit in three years to see how far we’ve come!

Rebecca Berry
Director of Culture, Diversity and Inclusion at
Lloyd's Register

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