Drive smart, data-driven decision-making on diversity and inclusion

Our diversity data analysis focuses on a particular strand of work within your business that relates to diversity and inclusion—whether it’s EDI data collection, pay gap reporting, or equality impact reviews.

Our consultants will conduct a thorough desk-based review on your chosen EDI theme. Based on what your data tells us about existing areas of strength, EDI challenges, and barriers to more inclusive practice, we’ll provide you with a set of recommendations that will help you approach the next stage in your EDI journey with confidence, impetus and agency.

Boost Creativity

Diversity of thinking boosts innovation by 20% and reduces risk by 30%

Successful Businesses

Organisations with inclusive cultures are 8x more likely to achieve better business outcomes

Our diversity data analysis services

Diversity Data Analysis Support

Which of our diversity audit services is right for your business?

All our diversity audit, analysis and diagnostic work includes practical advice for next steps, from low-cost quick wins for the short term to longer-term strategic priorities. Together, our suggestions will empower you to:

  • Clarify your business priorities around EDI
  • Engage more effectively with your staff
  • Keep your internal and external communications on-point
  • Position your organisation as an EDI-first employer and service provider
  • Set out (and stick to) key objectives, timescales and milestones

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Diversity Data Analysis FAQs

Why is collecting diversity data important?

Diversity data is an essential metric to collect in order to gain insights that can guide EDI efforts. Learning about your workforce’s characteristics such as ethnic identity, sexual orientation and disability status can help illuminate the demographic composition of your employees or service users, and inform whether further action is required to promote diversity and inclusion in your organisation.

Why does diversity data need to be analysed?

Analysing diversity data can help to identify your company’s existing EDI strengths, challenges, and any barriers to best practice, providing a roadmap for your diversity strategy. As you progress towards your objectives, ongoing assessment can provide insight into whether you are hitting key milestones in appropriate timescales. Understanding the trends that emerge and why they might be occurring is vital in order to direct your organisation’s next steps.

What does EW Group’s diversity data analysis focus on?

Our diversity analysis will review a chosen EDI theme in your practice, whether this is data collection, gender or ethnicity-based pay gap reporting, or equality impact reviews. Each of our audit, analysis and diagnostic processes include planning to clarify your EDI priorities, staff engagement, communications development, and practical advice for achieving short and long-term inclusion objectives.

What our clients say

EW Group are a professional outfit. I have confidence in their knowledge as they keep up-to-date with the latest thinking, and provide a different perspective through insight, based on their experience of working with other clients. This is invaluable. They were easy to work with and well-organised, continually checking that our requirements were being met right up to delivery.

Jennifer Hircock
Leadership and Staff Development Manager at
City University

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