Course overview

Inclusive recruitment is a core skill for managers. Their ability to recruit and select talent in an inclusive way has a direct impact on the quality and diversity of your talent. Your managers need to understand the nuances of recruiting for cultural fit to positively impact employee engagement and retention. Successful hiring managers can build diverse teams who have enhanced abilities to be creative and innovative at work. This course is ideal for HR teams and any staff with recruitment responsibilities.

Enrolment costs: £650 + VAT
15% discount for non-profits, charities and NHS organisations

Course dates
Early 2023 (virtual delivery)

Inclusive Recruitment Open Course

What’s covered in our Inclusive Recruitment course

Our online Inclusive Recruitment training course has five key elements:

  • The legal context and effective recruitment preparation to reach the widest talent pool
  • Language use: writing job descriptions, person specifications and selection criteria
  • Sifting and shortlisting candidates fairly and without bias
  • The interview: a live online exercise with a real candidate in which delegates can practice inclusive interview skills
  • Job offer and salary negotiation: post-interview considerations

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Inclusive Recruitment Training Course

Your recruiting managers can expect:

  • Fast-paced, engaging and upbeat delivery
  • A set of practical tools to take away and apply proactively to their day-to-day work
  • Exercises and facilitation that reinforce the business benefits of responding correctly to unfair and unwanted bias

Your managers leave with:

  • A comprehensive understanding of the types of unconscious bias, and their impact on the recruitment process
  • Awareness of the power of assumption, association and preference
  • Appreciation of what drives ideas of cultural ‘fit’ in an organisation
  • The practical tools they need to design person specifications and selection criteria that are fair, clear and avoid adverse impact
  • Greater confidence in managing their own bias in interviews or decision making
  • The ability to identify unconscious bias in others and challenge it
  • An understanding of the legal essentials on recruitment selection, plus recent findings from research into bias and its effects
What our clients say

It's so important to understand how unconscious bias can creep into your decision-making process without you realising. If you can recognise it in yourself, you can challenge others and encourage best practice to follow. Many thanks to Teresa Norman our trainer for the day - I would highly recommend this course to all.

Amber Hunt
Lead Talent Consultant at
Marshall Wolfe

Inclusive Recruitment Course Leaders

Yvonne Howard Diversity Inclusion Consultant
UK & Europe

Yvonne Howard

Diversity & Inclusion Consultant
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Judeline Nicholas Diversity Inclusion Consultant
UK & Europe

Judeline Nicholas

Diversity & Inclusion Consultant
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Helen Webb Diversity Organisational Development Consultant
UK & Europe

Helen Webb

Diversity & Inclusion Consultant
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Tash Thomas portrait photo - EW Group
UK & Europe

Tash Thomas

Diversity & Inclusion Consultant
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Nina Mayler Diversity Inclusion Consultant
UK & Europe

Nina Mayler

Diversity & Inclusion Consultant
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Inclusive Recruitment Course FAQs

What is inclusive recruitment?

Inclusive recruitment is the practice of diversity, equality and inclusion in the hiring process. This includes job descriptions, interviewing procedures, and selection criteria that actively recognise conscious and unconscious bias and work to tackle them.

For example, recruiters would usually look at education and previous employment status — two elements that can restrict certain candidates that could increase diversity. Inclusive recruitment will embrace different qualities and perspectives, ultimately enabling a more heterogeneous workforce.

Why is it important to have inclusive recruitment processes?

By focusing your recruitment processes on your organisation’s needs for a diverse workforce, you’ll be able to ensure your DEI policy is effective from day one. Appreciating the value people from different groups can bring to your business is essential in this day and age, promoting lower employee turnover, better creativity, and increased company reputation.

Who should take our inclusive recruitment training course?

Our Inclusive Recruitment course is open to any and all managers at your company. We particularly recommend hiring managers and internal recruiters to attend the course, however, we believe any manager would benefit from it as long as they’re involved in some hiring processes.