We’re a leading diversity consultancy, based in London and working with businesses across the UK and overseas. We’ve been specialists in diversity, unconscious bias and inclusive leadership almost 30 years.

Our training, analysis and consultancy programmes will challenge and engage your staff and senior leaders, and drive real culture change. Talk to us about how to attract, recruit, retain and promote diverse talent. Because inclusive workplaces mean better business for everyone.

EW Group is also an Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) Approved Centre, offering a range of open professional development programmes.

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Our key business services

We provide the following services to our clients across the public, private and charitable sectors:

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The eQuality Solutions Group

EW Group is part of the eQuality Solutions Group (eQS). eQS is a technology specialist in disability, diversity, inclusivity and mental wellbeing solutions. Our purpose is to unlock true potential and improve outcomes for both individuals and organisations by removing barriers to learning in education, employment and life.

eQS includes assistive technology equipment with Invate, assistive technology training with e-Quality Learning and assistive technology, mental wellness e-learning with Learning Labs and specialist provision in non-medical help with Amano.

If you are interested in finding out more about the eQS group of companies please head to our group website.

Diversity training, analysis and consultancy – the EW Group approach

Much of our work weaves diversity and inclusion into the fabric of what companies do and how they do it. Our approach is a combination of experience and creativity. Yes, we support companies in meeting the diversity requirements of their clients: we do a lot of work promoting supply chain diversity. But for us, getting your house in order doesn’t simply mean brushing up your policy and action plans.

The best performing companies inextricably link diversity and inclusion with their business growth plans. And their senior leaders are strong advocates for the business case for diversity, and will happily bring all their employees with them on their journey.

We steer clear of off-the-shelf solutions. Instead we develop high-quality content which reflects the client’s identity and training priorities. This approach takes into account the key messages and challenges unique to the client: by tapping into an organisation’s own culture, we are able to gain significant traction when it comes to engagement and measurable shifts in delegate perceptions.

Diversity Inclusion Training EW Group UK

Equality, diversity and inclusion in the workplace – our values and vision

We will always stay true to our values of being positive, practical and creative in workforce development. We believe that developing diversity-proofed companies makes for greater business success and a happier, more productive workforce. Diversity management shouldn’t be a box to be ticked, but a skill that can be taught, learned and developed over time.

Our vision is to work with you to bring about lasting cultural change, to the benefit of your staff, customers and other stakeholders. By doing this we will contribute to eliminating unconscious bias and disruptive behaviours at work, and help our clients confront their most difficult challenges with the utmost confidence.

We apply the same values to ourselves as we do when working with clients. Our values were co-created by the EW Group staff: we live these values every day.

EW Group Values - Positive, Practical, Creative

Panel group at EW's 25th anniversary event

Our bespoke training and development programmes have supported hundreds of businesses to increase capacity, improve performance and manage change.

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Collage of EW staff

Introducing our equality, diversity and inclusion consultants. Read their biographies and find out more about the specialist consulting team at EW Group.

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Co-founders Annie Hedge and Jane Farrell

The story of EW Group, the diversity, unconscious bias and inclusive leadership consultancy set up by Jane Farrell and Annie Hedge in 1992.

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Two attendees of EW's 25th anniversary event

A list of latest job opportunities, internships and work placements available at the EW Group head office in central London.

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CEO Jane Farrell speaking at EW Group's 25th anniversary

“Every organisation stands to benefit” – a message from our C0-Founder Jane Farrell

“Every organisation stands to benefit from better engagement with both their staff and their customers. From the leadership team to the frontline, you will always have talented people ready to make the difference once diversity is embraced and inclusion fully taken into account. I founded EW Group almost 30 years ago to bridge those gaps.

“Today, companies are becoming increasingly savvy about the rewards that innovative, outcome-focused approaches to diversity can bring. Fresh, energetic and intelligent, our unique approach to the design, build and delivery of diversity and leadership strategies has enabled hundreds of companies to reap the business benefits of a more inclusive outlook. My aspiration has always been that our work will bring about real cultural change in the workplace and contribute to eliminating discrimination and harassment.”

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