EW Group Statement of Ethics

Here at EW Group, we take the need to be an ethical and responsible business very seriously. That means we will absolutely walk away from a conversation with a prospective client if we feel they are acting in a tokenistic or non-inclusive way. It also means that when we’re approached by businesses operating in industries that can be at odds with inclusion and wellbeing, then there is an added dimension for us to consider before agreeing to work with them.

We fundamentally believe in the right of all employees—no matter their industry or sector—to a fair and inclusive workplace where their contributions are equitably recognised and rewarded. This holds as true for employees of a cancer charity as it does for those who work for a gambling firm.

Ethical and equitable businesses come in all shapes and sizes. We are committed to supporting progressive, ambitious organisations in all industries to undertake meaningful EDI and wellbeing work that contributes positively to the everyday experience of their workforce.

Rachael Wilson
Managing Director
December 2021