Unconscious Bias

Lisa Jobson - EW Group D&I Consultant - Positive discrimination and positive action blog
Unconscious Bias

Positive Action vs Positive Discrimination: What’s the difference?

What interventions can you make to address under representation of minoritised groups in the workforce. Lisa Jobson explores positive discrimination…

Mary Doyle, EW Group Diversity & Inclusion Specialist
Unconscious Bias

Disclosing Disabilities in the Workplace

Mary Doyle argues that we should ditch the word disclosure as it’s no longer relevant - we’re not hiding anything.…

Vix Anderton Wellbeing Specialist
Unconscious Bias

7 Practical Ways Managers Can Foster Social Connection and Support Mental Health

To mark Mental Health Awareness Week, Vix Anderton shares 7 practical ways managers can foster social connection and resilience at…

Grace Randall - EW Group Project Manager

Celebrating International Women’s Day: How to be an ally in the workplace and combat gender inequality

Celebrating International Women’s Day and the #BreakTheBias campaign, Grace Randall shares her insights into how to be an ally in…

Tiwonge Cohn: Decolonising the workplace blog author

Decolonising the workplace – 14 ideas on how to get started

Tiwonge Cohn explores how to begin decolonising the workplace, and how this doesn’t take away from other stories but enriches…

Implicit bias training session
Unconscious Bias

What is implicit bias training, and does it work?

Measures to combat bias can actually have a negative impact on your diversity progress if done ineffectively. In our new…

Gender bias group discussion
Unconscious Bias

How unconscious gender bias affects all women across the workplace

Women at all levels within organisations suffer serious discrimination as a result of unconscious gender bias. Discover what it is…

Best on Diversity Books - Woman reading a book outside

Best books on Diversity and Inclusion

See our top selection of the best books on diversity and inclusion, writing that has helped us to reflect and…

Mindfulness & unconscious bias
Unconscious Bias

Reduce unconscious bias with mindfulness

How can mindfulness reduce unconscious bias? Discover how we can promote mindfulness practices to prevent prejudice and discrimination at work.

Unconscious Bias in the workplace discussion
Unconscious Bias

Unconscious bias in the workplace: how it’s defined and how to stop it

What is unconscious bias, where does it come from, and how can it negatively affect work cultures? Learn more about…

Virtual reality unconscious bias training
Unconscious Bias

Virtual reality unconscious bias training: does it work?

Virtual reality is creating immersive, convincing worlds and experiences. What does it mean for unconscious bias training and does it…

Equity Training delegates

Equality training vs diversity training: what’s the difference?

Equality training and diversity training seem to have a lot of overlap. Find out how their meanings are quite distinct…