Santander highstreet bank

We designed an inclusive leadership program for this global bank’s top 1,200 UK managers

Santander wanted to embed good practice in diversity across its 25,000-strong UK workforce. Its senior leaders called on EW Group to equip their top 1,200 managers with a shared appreciation of the commercial impact and reward of getting diversity right. They wanted an inclusive leadership training program that also stayed true to the bank’s own values: ‘Simple, Fair and Personal’.

Our bespoke inclusive leadership training was built around the Santander brand.

To bring about the desired level of culture change, our program design focused on:

Incorporating ‘Simple, Fair and Personal’, we designed a half-day training workshop using Santander case studies. These included recent examples from the bank’s own promotional marketing and advertising campaigns. Together they served as a useful starting point for group discussions on the topic of inclusive leadership.

97% of Santander managers liked our training style.

Our training and facilitation team delivered 80 half-day sessions over two years at Santander offices across the UK. Participants were especially responsive to the custom-built nature of the leadership program:

  • 97% were pleased with the overall style of the training
  • 95% thought the course content would be useful when applied to their day-to-day work
  • 93% found the pace of the course stimulating.

“EW Group deliver with style, personality and impact.”

Richard O’Flynn, Talent and Leadership Development Director at Santander

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