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Communicating an award-winning tech brand’s approach to diversity and inclusion

Massive Interactive is an award-winning international technology business headquartered in London. As a global community of talented and driven individuals, it recognises that embedding good practice on diversity and inclusion is essential to its success.

Research proves that promoting, valuing and celebrating differences is hugely beneficial and that diverse businesses are 35% more likely to financially outperform their industry’s national average.

The diversity challenge for Massive was finding the best way to communicate what diversity and inclusion means for its business, to both staff and externally, and to showcase its proactive approach to building an inclusive culture. Massive approached EW Group to help; together we co-designed “Active Inclusion: The Massive Guide to Diversity“, published in August 2018.

EW Group’s Teresa Norman conducted research into the tech and STEM sectors to pinpoint benchmarks on diversity and inclusion, and measure Massive’s performance within the sector. One of EW Group’s diversity specialists, Yvonne Howard, spent time at Massive to learn more about its unique needs and challenges. Yvonne then led a collaborative session with 12 employees from across the business to capture Massive’s approach to diversity and inclusion. EW Group’s Co-Founder, Jane Farrell, attended the launch event of the guide as a guest speaker answering questions around diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

The resulting guide is a tangible expression of Massive’s commitment to active inclusion. It clearly communicates the continuous mindset required to intentionally build an inclusive workplace, “active inclusion is about both the action we take as individuals to include others and making a conscious effort to see the world from other perspectives. It is also about the action we take as an organisation to make sure that we continually focus on being an inclusive workplace. This means setting challenging objectives and measuring our success in implementing them.”

“Partnering with the EW Group was a no-brainer. We’ve found their professional approach and expertise uniquely valuable and look forward to a long and meaningful relationship.”

James McFarland, Director of Brand Marketing and Communications at Massive Interactive

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