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We are a leading-edge diversity consultancy, based in London and operating UK-wide and overseas. As well as our diversity at work and unconscious bias training courses, we provide a range of custom consultancy solutions on all areas of diversity management.

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Does your workforce data shows a lack of progression for certain groups? Are you looking to build internal traction and commitment to your diversity strategy?

The EW Group approach has enabled hundred of organisations to measure and track their diversity ROI, while progressing the organisation along its diversity maturity.

EW Group are specialists in equality, diversity and inclusion, unconscious bias and inclusive leadership. Our tailored consulting work is practical and measurable, and designed to build internal capacity and diversity expertise. You can use our time flexibly: for consulting on strategy or policy design, for executive coaching or facilitation, or running special workshop sessions for your staff groups.



Diversity Strategy Design and Implementation

  • Consult with your workforce, membership and customers to inform your strategy design
  • Design governance process and terms of reference for your key employee resource groups
  • Identify collaborative partnerships that add value and open up insights into best practice
  • Develop strand-specific approaches, such as workforce wellbeing or mental health support initiatives, or maternity return strategies.


Talent Management and Diversity Skills Development

  • Ensure all your key business and employee processes have a diversity focus right throughout the employee journey
  • Train and coach your diversity champions to help them build their knowledge, skills base and capacity to lead on key initiatives.


Return on Investment and Measurement for your Development Programmes

  • Develop appropriate KPIs and objectives owned by your business
  • Design diversity data dashboards to assist with tracking, monitoring and reporting on your KPIs and progress made
  • Devise appropriate measures of impact and success factors against all key initiatives to ensure appropriate ROI is in place.


Diversity Events and Communications

  • Deliver senior team sessions that give a high level analysis of your current position and engage your leaders with the diversity and inclusion agenda
  • Work with senior teams and boards to identify and hone your business case for diversity, and strengthen your organisational cultures, strategy and practices
  • Develop communication approaches and appropriate messaging that are directly aligned to your business case.


"In my experience boards rarely respond well to mandatory training but the session run for us on equality and diversity by EW Group engaged, energised and enthused our most senior leaders and left them wanting more."
Tim Ryley, Director of Strategic Planning and Performance at NHS Stockport Clinical Commissioning Group

Organisational Development

Organisational Development Consultants Equality Diversity Inclusion

We are cross-sector specialists in organisational development, strategy and action-planning. All our development programmes focus on your ability to measure the positive impact of engaging with diversity.

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Diversity Research Consultants Inclusion EW Group

Use our diversity research and analysis services to drive effective workforce development and enhance your customer outreach.

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Supplier Diversity

Supplier Diversity Consultants Supply Chain Inclusion

Building a mature and sustainable supply chain will enable your organisation to leverage the workforce diversity at your disposal.

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Talent Management

Talent Management Consultancy Diversity Inclusion

The businesses we work with understand the benefits of embedding best practice in equality, diversity and inclusion across all their key employee processes.

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Teams with more than one member who represent your target customers are up to 158% more likely to understand their needs

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