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Experts in diversity training since 1992

We design and deliver specialist equality and diversity training courses and development programmes for staff at all levels, in all sectors and across all strands of diversity.

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Blended learning to maximise progress against your learning and development KPIs

We offer a range of options for in-house diversity training and e-learning. We regularly combine face-to-face workshops with preparatory online learning modules: freeing up our time with you for more interactive activities, experiential learning scenarios and facilitated group discussions. We find this makes for a more innovative and thought-provoking learning experience overall.

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Dedicated needs analysis for practical outcomes and measurable impact

We align our learning and development interventions to your business values. 25 years of experience shows us that the most effective development activities are tailor-made to reflect the culture of the organisation we’re working with. So we steer clear of off-the-shelf solutions.

Instead we take a client-led approach to course design. We’ll take into account current levels of knowledge and understanding, benchmark data, existing good practice, and current and future challenges. We’ll also familiarise ourselves with your existing training, dovetailing our courses to avoid duplication. This collaborative approach ensures we create a course with the right pace, texture and impact for your learners.

By tapping into your culture, we’re able to gain significant traction when it comes to engagement, and measurable shifts in learner perceptions.

"When we estimated the business case in advance of starting this programme, we thought it would at minimum break even and probably save us twice what it was costing us in negative behaviour, tribunals, disciplinary, wasted working time, etc. The actual result was an absolutely enormous saving of 12 times the cost of the programme."
Mike Strzelecki, Director of Transformation at Transport for London


Diversity Inclusion Elearning Providers Unconscious Bias

Based on our 25 years in the business, our e-learning modules are suitable for staff at all levels.

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Equality Diversity Inclusion Training Providers EW Group

Our diversity and unconscious bias training will develop staff who can recognise difference and adapt to diverse groups.

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ILM Courses

ILM Courses Provider London EW Group

An ILM Approved Centre, we run a range of accredited leadership and management training courses in London and across the UK.

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Leadership Development

Inclusive Leadership Development Coaching Facilitation EW Group

We're 25-year specialists in designing flexible, innovative leadership development programmes that deliver measurable behavioural change.

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We'll develop a diversity training course unique to your requirements.


What diversity training with EW Group looks like

We will work collaboratively with you to design and develop your training or development programme. This may include:

  • A needs analysis of what is currently working well, and areas for improvement
  • Customised separate workshops for your staff, specific teams, managers or senior leaders
  • Facilitated interactions, including group exercises and discussions
  • Actor-based experiential learning scenarios
  • Lively Q and A sessions
  • Explorations of case studies and scenarios designed to reflect key messages
  • Peer learning and analysis
  • Practical tools and techniques to embed best practice in the workplace
  • Individual reflection, review and action planning
  • Information-giving and signposting to relevant training and development resources.

85% of the world’s CEOs say a clear diversity and inclusion strategy leads to increased performance

Business Case Diversity Inclusion Productivity

Diverse organisations are 45% more likely to improve their market share

Business Case Diversity Inclusion
Diversity Inclusion Training Providers EW Group