Senior-level facilitation services for leadership and management teams

EW Group provide senior team facilitation services, group coaching and action learning sets in a range of settings. Our facilitation work is often to meet a specific leadership need, to support strategic planning, or to build team cohesion.

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For the past 25 years, EW Group has specialised in values-based, inclusive leadership development for SMTs in public, private and charitable organisations at the local, national and international level.

Our face-to-face facilitated sessions for leaders and managers focus on leveraging difference for innovation, growth and excellence. We’ll also equip your leaders to manage unconscious bias in decision making, strategy design and people management.

"We asked EW Group to facilitate the first meeting of a group of lay member leaders, embarking on a new two-year term. The committee had a tradition of great corp d'esprit and high quality, thoughtful discussion but had been weak on delivering action between its meetings. The culture of our national committee began to shift during the session, as people worked on real issues in a different way. Jane Farrell led us expertly through sessions on appreciative inquiry, storytelling and prioritising action and shaped the energy, excitement and optimism of the group over 24 hours. Her careful preparatory work and interviews with the group honed the programme and created interest and zip before people entered the room. I was very impressed with Jane's skill in building rapport with and between members of the group and challenging us at the right moment. I'm delighted with the outcome: a team determined to deliver a programme of big and small actions, hold each other accountable and become a new source of leadership for managers in health and care services. Our commission to EW Group is an investment already starting to pay dividends."
Jon Restell, Chief Executive of Managers in Partnership


Facilitation at a glance – bespoke sessions for your Board or senior management team

We offer the facilitation skills, expertise and authority you need to get the most out of your next Board and other high-level development events. Our facilitation activities with senior teams – on all aspects of organisational culture – can be anything from one hour to a full day. The choice is yours.

EW Group consultants have recently provided the following tailor-made facilitation services:

  • Conference facilitation and consultancy for a number of central government departments, including transport and criminal justice
  • Board and senior team development at an NHS Clinical Commissioning Group, including facilitation, leadership consultancy and organisational development workshops
  • Facilitation work for the equality, diversity and inclusion team at Europe’s largest infrastructure project
  • Top-team development at a regional Community Rehabilitation Company
  • Senior leadership team facilitation for an international health membership organisation
  • Board and strategic development for a number of NHS Leadership Academies
  • Senior team development at a national emergency services charity
  • Facilitated round-table sessions at a number of high-profile national trade unions.

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Culturally intelligent leaders are 3.5 times more likely to get the full potential out of their staff

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Our facilitation approach – maximising the benefits for your senior leadership team

Our experience over two decades shows us that the most effective facilitation activities are tailor-made to reflect the culture and values of the organisation we’re working with. We’ll start with a period of familiarisation to understand the context you’re operating in, including your key messages and current challenges. This might include preparatory reading of relevant documents, value statements, strategies and frameworks, supported by 1:1 telephone conversations with key figures as required.

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Informed by our research and needs analysis, we would then design an interactive session for your delegates, based around effective engagement and practical outcomes. And as experts in inclusive leadership, equality, diversity and inclusion principles will be clearly embedded throughout the design process.

Our delivery style will reflect our own company values:

EW Group Values - Positive, Practical, Creative


The EW Group facilitation team – biographies and testimonials

Jane Farrell


Jane Farrell
Senior Executive Coach and Facilitator


Jane is the Chief Executive of EW Group and has been providing senior team facilitation for our clients since the company was established in 1992. Jane specialises in working with senior teams to strengthen organisational cultures, strategy and practices. She has consulted and trained widely and has delivered large scale projects for London Underground, Santander and the NHS Leadership Academy. Jane’s style has been described as “a powerful mix of pragmatic and fun”.

"Jane Farrell has a deep knowledge and understanding of the issues and tensions facing complex organisations and a knack of getting to the heart of these quickly. Jane focuses on making positive change happen. She is one of the most inspirational women I’ve worked with."
Kristina Glenn MBE, Director at Cripplegate Foundation and Islington Giving
"Jane Farrell and EW Group have been a constant inspiration over the last 12 years in helping the CSP to transform its culture, staff and business focus to become one of the UK’s strongest and most successful professional membership organisations. Thank you Jane and EW Group!"
Phil Gray, former CEO at Chartered Society of Physiotherapy
Annie Hedge | EW Group Diversity Consultant and Co-Founder


Dr. Annie Hedge
Senior Executive Coach and Facilitator


Annie is the lead consultant on our work with the NHS and produced their Equality and Diversity Leadership Competency Framework. Annie has consulted with senior managers in national public sector organisations, universities and trade unions. She has recently coached at Santander, the Department of Health, the Royal Marsden Hospital, and Invensys. She has an ILM Level 7 Certificate in Executive Coaching, and a PhD in Organisational Psychology. Annie is a Member of the London Central Employment Tribunals and a Trustee of Citizens Advice.

Mandy Hetherton


Mandy Hetherton
Executive Coach and Facilitator


Mandy’s facilitation is designed to support leaders through change, building their ability to think strategically, and to develop self-awareness and confidence. Mandy is a skilled facilitator of senior teams, and an experienced workshop and action learning set leader, including as part of our ILM accredited leadership programmes. Mandy has worked with clients at various probation authorities and charities such as MIND and Amnesty International. She has a Diploma in Corporate and Executive Coaching, and is a Member of the Association for Coaching.

Renae Mann Executive Coach


Renae Mann
Executive Coach and Facilitator


Renae has extensive facilitation and coaching experience, working for clients across social services, criminal justice and charities. Her past clients include the House of Commons Service, the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, JBW Ltd., Women’s Aid, the British Refugee Council, Cripplegate Foundation and London Probation Trust. Renae has an ILM Level 4 Award in Managing Equality and Diversity in an Organisation, and regularly leads leadership master classes on our ILM-accredited training programmes.

Mark Robinson


Mark Robinson
Executive Coach and Facilitator


Mark is the former Executive Director of Arts Council, North East, and is now Director of Thinking Practice, a consultancy working to build adaptive resilience and increase impact, based in Stockton-on-Tees. He has recently provided coaching, facilitation and development work at organisations including Durham County Council, Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums, and Bridge North East. Mark has an ILM Level 7 Certificate in Executive Coaching and Leadership Mentoring.

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Ben Emm
Executive Coach and Facilitator


Ben is a former Chief Executive and Board member in the Probation Service and senior civil servant in the Ministry of Justice. His principal clients include Interserve and Serco. Since 2008, he has sat as a public sector expert on the jury for the British Quality Foundation’s annual UK Excellence Award. Ben is also a lead coach and consultant on our Appledore senior leadership programme (ILM Level 7), and is ILM Level 5-accredited in Coaching and Mentoring.

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