Rui Martins

Senior Project Manager
EW Head Office Consultant
United Kingdom

With a degree in PR and Corporate Communications and training in Finance, Rui started his career working in the events industry, organising conferences for various clients. After having worked at the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health, where he delivered a training programme about food safety on behalf of the FSA, he moved to The Economist Group to take responsibilities as Project and Operations Manager delivering projects across Europe and the Americas.

At EW Group, Rui has been establishing trusted partnerships with clients across various industries. His project highlights include delivering inclusive culture training for approximately 6,000 employees of a global media and entertainment organisation; developing various e-learning modules for an American healthcare corporation; and supporting the implementation of an anti-racism training programme for the professional cricket players, managers and staff across England and Wales, including the National team.

Family and friends play a very important part in Rui’s life. In his spare time, he likes to listen to music, to travel, to photograph and read about business and neuroscience.

Rui Martins - EW Senior Project Manager