By signing up to the Inclusive Culture Pledge, you’ll benefit from a year of dedicated support on four key aspects of diversity and inclusion development.

To mark our 25th anniversary, we wanted to create a network of forward-thinking organisations and to support that network with resources and advice, free of charge. After three very successful years of the Inclusive Culture Pledge, we are excited to be continuing this initiative for 2021.

Interested in signing up for 2021?

What is the Inclusive Culture Pledge?

The Inclusive Culture Pledge is a public commitment to building a more inclusive workplace culture over a period of 12 months. EW Group clients who pledge to inclusive cultures will receive a year-long support package from us, backed up by our 28 years of expertise and experience as equality, diversity and inclusion consultants.

This is an ideal opportunity to let everyone know that you’re working towards a truly inclusive workplace, where diverse talent is welcomed and valued.

Creating a more inclusive culture at work – the businesses taking the lead

Here are the 21 organisations who pledged to inclusive cultures in 2020:

Inclusive Culture Pledge Goldsmiths University
Inclusive Culture Pledge WCPT
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Image of Planet Organic logo
BW workplace experts Inclusive Culture Pledge 2019
Liberis logo
Inclusive Culture Pledge SSE
Inclusive Culture Pledge Ferrovial Agroman
Inspired Selection logo
Image of RSA logo
Image of Wilton and Bain logo
Lloyd's Register logo
Stonbury logo
Inclusive Culture Pledge Mears Group
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Smart Energy GB logo
Inclusive Culture Pledge Morson Group
Image of the Fire Fighters Charity logo
PRS for Music Logo
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Unibail Rodamco Westfield URW logo

Past Pledge Statements

Image of Goldsmiths University of London logo

In 2020, we will build an inclusive culture by…embedding inclusive leadership principles into our management development programmes.

Image of Planet Organic logo

In 2020, we will build an inclusive culture by committing to breaking down the barriers that block opportunities for different groups of people and to recognising, accommodating and appreciating people’s different backgrounds, experiences, knowledge and skills. We will do this through a continuous audit of our processes, by encouraging conversations even if they are uncomfortable and by challenging difficult situations.

PRS for Music Logo

In 2020 we will continue to develop an inclusive culture by focusing on respect and inclusion as we continue to promote diversity and act inclusively. We are committed to influencing our business culture at every level; to engage, encourage, support and exemplify our core values and celebrate our differences.

Smart Energy GB logo

In 2020, we will build an inclusive culture by creating an environment where the value of diversity in all its forms is appreciated and where every person is happy, comfortable, and confident to be themselves.

Inclusive Culture Pledge Make Shift

We will build an inclusive culture by putting together an Employee Guide which will outline success stories of diverse and inclusive workplaces, suggestions on how to get started, resources, TEDtalks and inspiring video clips.

Inclusive Culture Pledge VolkerWessels UK

We will build an inclusive culture by providing a face to face 3 hour training session on EDI awareness for our all our people.

Interserve Inclusive Culture Pledge 2019

Working towards a more representative workforce demographic. Creating a more inclusively aware leadership team. Improving the accuracy of recording, monitoring and sharing information to further develop our data driven organisation. Working to embed service user inclusion. Improving outcomes for service users with protected characteristics through personalisation.

Image of Wilton and Bain logo

We will build an inclusive culture by:

– Supporting and encouraging diverse groups to join our company through ensuring our recruitment process is open, non-judgmental and uses a wide range of media to ensure open access. We will work with local schools and colleges to encourage and support a more diverse workforce into the industry.

– We will ensure that our teams feel proud to be part of an organisation that is working to ensure it is positive, engaging and respectful of the individual and what they bring to the organisation. We will do this by ensuring our policies and training re-enforce this aim and by regularly monitoring our own workforce to ensure we are achieving this.

BW workplace experts Inclusive Culture Pledge 2019

We will build an inclusive culture by creating a more inclusively aware leadership team.

Inclusive Culture Pledge Ferrovial Agroman

We will continue to build an inclusive culture by providing a face to face training session on EDI awareness for our all our people, Inclusive recruitment training to our hiring managers and Inclusive Leadership training to our Board members.

Inclusive Culture Pledge SSE

We will build an inclusive culture by analysing diversity data of our students, staff and trustees and take action to become more inclusive where we identify greatest need for change. We will continue to develop our student, staff and trustee recruitment processes to ensure we reach and engage an increasingly diverse mix of people that fits with where we want our work to have the most impact.

Inclusive Culture Pledge Mears Group

Mears Group are committed to building a diverse and inclusive culture that reflects the communities which we serve; one that attracts and retains the best talent and enables our colleagues to thrive – it’s about the bigger picture, creating cultural fitness that goes beyond sex, age and gender.

Inspired Selection logo

We will build an inclusive culture by putting D&I on our agenda at every board meeting and performance appraisal, putting in place metrics and goals for everyone to work towards. We will continue to raise awareness of Diversity & inclusion within the work place through thought leadership within the publishing industry.

British Land logo

We will build an inclusive culture by retraining all our employees on unconscious bias and building an inclusive culture, by doing further work on how we measure our efforts and initiatives and by integrating our property management department into the wider business.

Inclusive Culture Pledge WCPT

We will build an inclusive culture by promoting a new position statement on diversity and inclusion to the 450,000 physical therapists across the globe who belong to the 121 member organisations of WCPT.

Inclusive Culture Pledge New Brewery Arts

We will build an inclusive culture by actively programming activities that will reach out to diverse audiences and by demonstrating flexibility when it comes to recruitment.

Inclusive Culture Pledge Signing City Hall

Talk to us to find out more about the Inclusive Culture Pledge.

What will we receive as part of our Inclusive Culture Pledge?

On sign up, all Pledgers will receive a Pledge Pack and invitation to attend four special roundtable events. These sessions will bring together leaders, managers and diversity specialists from a range of industries for a collaborative 90-minute conversation in which we will share good practice and challenges.

Each session will be focused on a specific topic to which all participants will be invited to contribute. The roundtable format will create an opportunity for peer-to-peer learning and will also give you lots of practical ideas to take away and implement in your own organisation. All roundtables will be hosted by an EW Group facilitator.

At the end of each session, Pledgers will be invited to vote on what topic they would like the next roundtable to focus on.

The dates for 2021:

10th February 2021

22nd April 2021

1st July 2021

14th October 2021

Inclusive Cultures Pledge logo 2020

What do I need to do to take part in the Inclusive Culture Pledge?

To register your interest, press the button below. Once you have signed up to the Inclusive Culture Pledge and received your Pledge Pack, Pledgers will agree to do the following:

  • Create a statement that describes why you are pledging to the ICP this year and why inclusive cultures matter to you: ‘This year, we have signed up to the Inclusive Culture Pledge because…’
  • Contribute the use of one meeting room to host an ICP roundtable event or open course
  • Feature the ICP rosette on your website as a sign of commitment to the Pledge
  • Link to the EW Group from your own website
  • Agree to us publishing your pledge statement on our ICP webpage

Questions? We're here to help.

What are the timelines for the Inclusive Culture Pledge?

The next Inclusive Culture Pledge starts in January 2021 and lasts for 12 months.

What does the Inclusive Culture Pledge cost?

Nothing. We’re offering the Pledge package free of charge. We want to work with you to create a groundswell of great practice in diversity and inclusion, and ultimately make the workplaces of all who participate happier and more productive.

"EW Group ran sessions for everyone at Sunshine on Building Inclusive Cultures. It was both a super useful and very popular set of sessions for everyone who came." Mel Exon, Group CEO at The Sunshine Company

What are the business benefits of Inclusive Culture?

Taking the Inclusive Culture Pledge will help position your business alongside the growing list of global companies who are tapping into the potential of an inclusive culture to engage their employees and better serve their customers. The Pledge is a statement of intent, which signals to your employees and your customers that you appreciate the added value that an inclusive organisation brings.

Ready to sign up to the Inclusive Culture Pledge?

"Consultancy that makes a positive difference to business performance. A reputable leader in their field." Valerie Todd, Former Talent and Resources Director at Crossrail