Diversity Development Standard

EW Group's externally assessed
diversity and inclusion accreditation

The Diversity Development Standard (DDS) is EW Group’s externally recognised and audited equality and diversity accreditation.

Assessed and verified by leading diversity specialists, our UK-based diversity in business accreditation is designed to be tailored to your organisational goals and is a stepping stone to further improve your equality, diversity, and inclusion performance.

The DDS stems directly from EW Group’s 28 years of experience delivering diversity and inclusion consultancy and carrying out diversity audits and analysis for a cross-section of clients – from small organisations to globally recognised businesses.

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What is the DDS and who is it for?

The Diversity Development Standard is a diversity accreditation that allows you to verify whether your organisation’s current operating practices are fit for purpose in terms of driving cultural change and following best practice in diversity, inclusion, and wellbeing.

The diversity and inclusion accreditation recognises excellence and can be used as a development tool to drive continuous improvement through its three award levels (Bronze, Silver and Gold), and is externally audited by an independent panel of industry experts.

The DDS focuses on action you can take to achieve a truly diverse workforce, develop inclusive cultures in which everyone can flourish, and support, develop and maintain the wellbeing of staff. In short, it helps your organisation to be the best it can be, as well as demonstrate an ongoing commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Diversity Development Standard Logo with Gold, Silver and Bronze grading

How does EW Group’s diversity and inclusion accreditation work?

You will be assessed on five elements – each with an overarching goal – on which you will be awarded gold, silver or bronze level depending on the criteria fulfilled. Assessment outputs include practical recommendations for continuous improvement:

– Element One: Diversity and wellbeing foundations – the building blocks

– Element Two: Recruitment – making sure that there is equality of opportunity for applicants and that pay is equitable

– Element Three: External Relations – insuring that your external engagement reflects the values of diversity and concern for wellbeing

– Element Four: Remuneration – ensuring that pay and other awards are fair and free of bias

– Element Five: Inclusive culture – creating the right environment so that each member of staff can reach their potential.

An EW Group Consultant will then work closely with you, reviewing your policies and procedures, and conducting qualitative research within your organisation. They will then write a report which will provide an outline of our findings and recommendations on how you could take diversity and wellbeing forward.

Assessments are then audited by an independent awarding panel of industry experts, who will ensure that there is enough evidence to justify the recommendation and offer advice to your organisation.

Once awarded, your accreditation will last for three years, as you continue to make progress and your D&I strategy matures. When you feel ready to demonstrate your achievements with a submission for the next level of accreditation, come back to us.

Who is on the DDS’ independent awarding panel?

Our equality and diversity accreditation is assessed by an external panel of diversity and inclusion experts who have a range of backgrounds and experience.

The panel includes the architect of the UK’s Equality Act 2010, David Ruebain. David has amounted vast experience progressing diversity and inclusion from a legal framework. When he was Director of Legal Policy at the Equality and Human Rights Commission of Great Britain, David was critical in the creation and advancement of the Equality Act 2010. Prior to this, he acted as Chief Executive of the Equality Challenge Unit, providing policy and research guidance for advancing D&I within British higher and further education.

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What areas of my business will the Diversity Development Standard help?

– Improved reputation – you can use this equality accreditation to demonstrate and promote your commitment to diversity and wellbeing

– More business – particularly if you are part of a supply chain where clients ask for commitment to diversity and inclusion as part of any successful bid

– Better leadership and management – by undertaking the diversity accreditation process, your leaders and managers develop even more commitment to inclusion and wellbeing and a greater understanding of what it means

– Happier, more productive employees – who benefit from the increased focus of inclusion and wellbeing

– Corporate Social Responsibility – by focussing on social mobility, you help to contribute towards increasing accessibility to under-represented groups and a fairer, more equal society

– Appeal to a wider pool of candidates – we know that job seekers from under-represented groups and millennials look at a company’s commitment to diversity and the wider society; the Award is a succinct way of demonstrating your commitment.

What makes the DDS different to other equality and diversity accreditations?

The DDS covers wellbeing, mental health, and social mobility under the theme of D&I. We know that addressing all these areas will make a difference to your bottom line. Diverse and inclusive organisations are more innovative and profitable. Organisations, where staff wellbeing and mental health are looked after, have less sick leave and more engaged staff. Yet, we also know that addressing all these issues is complex and hard work.

Where should you focus your efforts? Our diversity and inclusion accreditation will give you clear guidance on actions that will create powerful change. If you are at the beginning of your journey, you will find it clarifies where to focus your efforts. If your organisation is further along its D&I journey, it will help you work out how to take the next step.

The DDS is not a box ticking exercise like some other equality and diversity accreditations. Instead, it awards and recommends based on action taken and action needed to meet goals. By measuring the ongoing impact of formal D&I activities – such as strategy, training and employee resource groups – alongside the subtle cultural shifts from the resulting momentum, the DDS enables us to track and report on creative solutions to overcome barriers, helping you realise return on investment.

This clearly defined road map takes you through the process of driving cultural change one step at a time. It provides recognition for all the good work you are doing and provides a means of incentivising your organisation to celebrate and encourage innovation to do more and go further.

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